Friday, July 27, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

Aunt Kim and Chloe
I have been meaning post this for a while.

My beauty Charlotte growing some big girl teeth.
 Charlotte got on her knees on the kneeboard this year. She loved playing in the sand with Ashlyn, riding the tube, and doing all kinds of fun stuff. I often found her with Aunt Jen and her dogs, just visiting.
Chloe wouldn't nap if I set her down, so most of the trip I felt like I was holding her. Nice view though.

Tucker was determined to catch a fish and it payed off.
 Tucker was lucky enough to spend most the nights with Kyler at the lake while we went back to the hotel in Page.
 Trent took many turns giving kids rides on the jet ski. This was the first year we have rented one (actually Trent's brother and cousin rented them). I finally got Trent to take me on a ride and I can't remember ever smiling so much. On one sharp turn I flew off the back and couldn't stop laughing, it was so much fun!

 Chloe loved Grandpa Summers as much as I do!
We're home from our annual Powell reunion at Lake Powell. Trent's parents, all six of their children plus spouses, their 19 grandchildren, Grandma and Grandpa Summers, cousin Jeremy and his girls and their friends all came. We got to the Lake Tuesday around 2:30pm and set up camp. I have never had a baby this young at Lake Powell, but she did great and there were many willing hands to hold her when I needed help. My hands were often full, so I didn't get pictures of everything I would've liked to. The kids had so much fun playing in the sand, jumping on the trampoline, going down the houseboat (Jeremy's) slide, kneeboarding, tubing, riding the jet skis, and going on the occasional quad or ranger ride.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chloe 3 months

Hard to believe my little Chloe is 3 months. Charlotte likes to call her Chloe-moey because she is always sporting a little curly MO-hawk. Some things she is doing now: gripping things including links and other toys, hair and other body parts, and her own hands. Usually anything she manages to grasp goes directly to her mouth. She is adding to her rolls and chubbiness daily. She coos and loves being talked to. She smiles so much and sometimes lets out a little giggle. She is so strong and when laying flat on her back she uses her stomach muscles to lift her head and do a little crunch. She loves the bath and has from day 1, she just smiles, kicks, and splashes the whole time. Everyone comments on how pretty and chubby she is and on her long, curly eyelashes. She is such a joy and we all love her tremendously.