Friday, June 26, 2009

Just kid stuff

So, Paisley turned 9 months old last week. She is very skilled in the ways of babyism. She has broken 4 top teeth through in a matter of about a month. She now stands unassisted for long periods of time, even squatting down and picking things up and popping right back up. She can stand up without the assistance of anything stable, just pop up in the middle of a room. She can crawl very fast and chase any of us wherever we go, she almost always crawls around with on hand holding a toy, making a clopping sound. She can take two steps. She usually does this when transferring from one piece of furniture to the next. She is darling and happy and easygoing. She is rarely fussy or needy. She has begun babbling, "dadadaada. . " She is so happy and easy in the pool. She sits in her floaty seat and is so happy to float around chewing on a toy. Henry wouldn't stay in that thing for 2 seconds, but she loves it. Thank goodness, because it makes pool time so much easier. She is simply darling and loved by all. She plays with the other kids like a big girl. She knows she belongs with them. Tucker will tell me what Paisley is being while they're playing. . "Mom, Paisley's a baby storm trooper. . she's a super hero, and her power is spit up.. . she's Megatron.. ." It's so great that he includes her. I love watching the kids together. I think they will grow up having such a close bond. The one thing I struggle with having them so close is that I feel I rarely get to enjoy them individually. I feel like the baby moments have passed me by so quickly. I hope to start having individual dates with each of them on a regular basis. I hope they all know how much I love each of them and their own unique personalities. I am so blessed!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Robin is 28 (and referring to herself in the 3rd person)

I had a great birthday. Sunday we celebrated Father's Day, Trent's, amd my birthday all in one with Trent's family. I made a frostless german cake (the coconut and pecans were baked into the bottom and the cake was flipped) for the first time and thought it came out pretty well. I got lots of good stuff, including a certificate for a massage that I can't wait to redeem.

Then yesterday I got some birthday calls (Gina you were first) and Trent gave me some of the presents that I wanted from etsy including earrings, my mason jar pin cushion, and some nesting dolls. Yes!

earrings from emily and trentMy big sister Sarah came with her boys and I got to leave the house alone! I had lunch with Mel, Kathi, Abbie and Sophie. It was so nice. Then I wandered Target looking at all their stuff without anyone bugging me. I wanted to use my gift certificate from Troy and Jen, but didn't find great stuff, so I decided to hang on to it. The mommy time from Sarah was such an awesome gift!
After we put the two littlest monkeys in bed Trent's parents came over so we could have a date. It was nice to have dinner alone together after he had been gone all last week.

Thanks everyone for making it a great birthday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This week's highlights ( do I use an apostraphe on week because it is possesive and not plural?)

I would've liked to capture many of these, but Trent had my camera at scout camp all week!

Henry getting my equate version of eucerin cream all over himself as well as all over Paisley's head. (I'm glad it was the cheap stuff.)

Tucker and Charlotte's sleepover on the couch bed.

Charlotte walking around in her underwear turning to ask me, "Don't you want to honk my buns?"

Tucker letting me hold him like a baby in the rocker until he fell asleep. (I guess waking up at 5:30 had him wiped out.)

All of Paisley's new faces. Sniffy face. Closey eye face. Tilt head flirt face. Underbite face (which I also refer to as bulldog face) and today's newest, bitter beer face. She cracks me up!

Monday, June 15, 2009

How I feel standing next to Trent

Although I am proud of myself for working out 4 times last week.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

More from Robin's wish list

This throw pillow.

This sweet, cookey, hanging light.

These funky little owls. I love 'em, but wouldn't be willing to pay that price.

A hand stamped necklace with my kids names in lowercase. Something like this.

Maybe this king comforter set from Target. I figure with white I could change out fun pillows when my mood changes.

-A gift certificate to Home Goods.

-Seeing a movie in an actual theatre, not my bed.

-A massage.

-8 hours of guilt free alone time.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

More summer fun

I am so lucky we have a pool. Sure I had my reservations at first. But honestly, we would die of boredom around here without it. We go at least once a day. It is especially fun when friends join us. Monday evening we had two other couples and their kiddos join us for grilling dinner and swimming.So fun! Tuesday and Thursday Kathi has come with her kids. We do our workout DVD while the baby girls nap and the other kids play. Then we hop in the pool, swim, and feed the kids lunch together. I hope we can be consistent with it. I think it is good for all of us. Wednesday we had an impromptu play date with my SIL Andrea and her 2, Mel and Gracie, and Stephanie and her 3. It was a party in the pool! I haven't left the house since Sunday. I don't know how these kids would stay entertained without swimming at our house. Heaven knows I have no desire to take all 4 anywhere.

If the kids get cold from swimming we hop in the hot tub for a few minutes to warm up. After todays swim the hot tub was not much warmer than the pool. I had left in uncovered overnight(oops). So we opted to shove 5 kids in the bath in their suits to warm them up. Pretty funny.