Tuesday, September 25, 2007

just stuff

Had a nice play date at my house yesterday. I sure enjoyed having adult conversation with Stephanie, Jill, and Mel. Tucker had a great time with Mabel and Oliver and it was great to see Charlotte with Gracie. Charlotte's favorite thing to do was to give baby Jordyn her pacifier.
My dad stopped by with my little sister Claire after watching my brother Mark's softball game. Mark just turned in his mission papers and should be getting his mission call in the next couple of weeks! He will probably head to the MTC just weeks before Ted returns from his mission.
My baby is growing like a weed. He's a little fatty, already growing out of his 0-3 month clothes and his size 1 diapers. His cheeks are perfect for kissing, ask anyone. Tucker is such a good boy, a great helper and handsome too! He will start soccer next month. Charlotte continues to repeat most of what we say. i can discern most of her "words" but not many others can. Tucker does a lot for her so she doesn't have much of a need to communicate yet. She likes getting her hair done pretty and practices changing her shirt many times daily. Here are some pictures from the last week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pool Time

The weather is getting more pool friendly. It's really sad when it is too hot to even swim!
Here is our little pool. It has a cute little waterfall.

I still have not been swimming in it! So sad. I wanted to jump in so badly when I was taking these pictures Saturday but I didn't know when Henry would wake up, so it hasn't really been an option yet.

Who wants to come swimming at my house?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goodbye old friend

A couple of months ago Trent's boss' suburban got in an accident. The insurance was just going to pay him out since the damage was pretty extensive. We were in the market for a bigger car since 3 car seats on one bench is a bit crowded. Trent ended up paying the insurance company to keep the car and fixing up the suburban. It is now all finished and in great condition, after a total investment of about 5 grand including the purchase price. Not bad.

Anyway, on with the story. Tuesday Trent got the suburban all registered and ready to drive. Our Yukon Denali was currently for sale and driving on temporary registration while Trent was trying to clear up some issues with it. Well, the DMV decided to have it reinspected to resolve the issues, so Trent went in with it first thing Wednesday morning. A couple hours later, Trent called and asked if I could come pick him up from the DMV seeing as our car was being seized. That's right seized. Apparently, I've been driving around a stolen car for the last 2 years. What! Crazy, I know. We were pretty shocked. Apparently our car was stolen from Nevada in 2003. Well, luckily we had full coverage on it and should get at leat some percentage of it's value back, if not all. What a strange day it was.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Cool down

Wednesday Karen came over and hung out with us for a couple hours which was great. She loved spending time with the kids and did Charlotte's hair in a bunch of cute pony tails.

Thursday Jill came over with her new baby Jordyn who is 2 weeks younger than Henry. She is adorable and it was so fun hanging out nursing our babies together. I am a dummy and forgot to take pictures. After Jill left Trent came home early and we headed out of town. He dropped the kids and I off at a cabin in Christopher Creek and he went another hour and a half away to Holbrook for some business. We spent 2 nights in Christopher Creek where the kids could actually spend time outside during the day without melting. It rained a little bit on Friday and we had a campfire and even made s'mores. The kids got to go for rides with Daddy on the Ranger and a tractor and had fun throwing pine cones and collecting acorns. We also some some beautiful deer.

We got home at about 3pm on Saturday and Trent took a nap while I got ready to go to Lindy's birthday dinner. After dinner I was going to go shopping with some of the girls, but Henry was pretty mad, so I went to my mom's to get him calmed down. Everyone was glad to see him and kiss on him.

Sunday I stayed home with my coughing kids while Trent went to church. He got called as a Priest Advisor. Then we went for a fun dinner at the in laws to celebrate Kim and Dan's birthdays who were down from Flagstaff.

Henry has been smiling voluntarily for a little over a week now. This is my favorite picture of Tucker making him smile.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

more baby

Henry had a bath last night where I scrubbed off all his nasty cradle cap. I love naked babies.

When Henry's arm is in this position Tucker says, "Look Mom, he's doing 'To the Rescue' ". I love it.

What a little chunk.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


My handsome 4 year old

My beautiful girlie.

My perfect baby.