Monday, December 27, 2010

Other things

Trent's candy cane lights along our driveway are so fantastic! I'm going to miss them.

Christmas shopping seemed to consume way too much of my time November/December. I am glad it is over, but I must say I enjoyed it for a while.
I am getting braver with singing (I'm sure the last year as Primary Chorister in our church has helped immensely).I sang a duet at our church Christmas party and didn't shake from head to toe the whole time, which I consider a success. Unfortunately Henry had not napped and was completely naughty enough for Trent to leave early with him and Paisley and miss the performance. I sang again for Trent's family Christmas Eve which was a little shaky, but improved from last year.

Grandma has the grandkids do a live nativity and reads the story I Believe in Santa which tells us how Santa reminds us of Christ.

We exchange gifts.
The grandkids all get new pajamas.

I embraced a lot of retro toys this year, several that reminded me of my childhood. Some I bought included: care bears, my little ponies, fisher price record player, fisher price cash register, little tykes vintage blue roof dollhouse with awesome accessories.

I always have mixed feelings about Christmas morning. I love watching the kids get so excited and spoiled. But of course, I also feel guilty about the excess. I hope as the kids get older I will find a way to scale down on gifts and take the focus off of them. We do like to find ways to help others and show the kids the joy of giving and I hope we can focus more on that in years to come.

Charlotte joins Tucker playing legos often. It was so fun for her to get her own girl legos and they have been spending tons of time building together the last couple of days.

 This plasma car has been a huge hit with everyone in our house! Simply wiggle the steering wheel and off you go. Even Paisley can do it no problem.

 Trying to open the play-doh on her own.
 She really enjoyed opening the presents by herself as well.

 Henry was so excited for Daddy to open the gift he made in preschool.
 Pop guns for everyone were a great purchase as well.

The day after Christmas is always a little depressing, but luckily since Charlotte was born that day 5 years ago we have more celebrating to do that day. 


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Grandma's funeral

I'm ready to stop being busy and sick and lazy and blog again. My Grandma Donna's funeral was a celebration of her life. We will miss her. But my faith in the gospel gives me an understanding about death, that makes this so much easier. I know she is happy and with those she loves. We mourned and remembered as a family and I was happy to spend time with cousins that I rarely get to see.


 Trent helping Elora place a rose on the casket
 My sister Emily and her son Jonah. (We had the pleasure of their company at our house for almost a whole week, along with her daughter Elora.)
 Me with my two cousins born the same summer as me. My Grandma liked to refer to us as the triplets.
 Many of my Grandma's grandchildren.
 My siblings +3 spouses+Emily's 2 kids -Sarah who had left shortly before this picture. Yes, I have 8 siblings.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I like to think about being a kid and playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house on McLellan. I like to remember eating waffles in the sun room and Easter egg hunts in the back yard. I like to think about running up and down the stairs with my cousins and playing games on their computer. I like to remember hiding in the closet under the stairs with those foam pads or the closet in the den with the light with the dangling string. I like to remember the cold floor in the basement pantry and the smell. I remember how awesome the cupboard was that I could climb from the bedroom right into the bathroom where the the bathtub that was sunk into the floor was. I remember sleepovers on the big bed and being scared of the weird water heater room. I remember watching "West Side Story" numerous times. I remember countless games of Life and Skip Bo. I remember the red light in the master bathroom and playing with Grandma's orange lipstick. I remember Grandpa waking up early to take a walk and read his scriptures. I remember holidays and birthdays. But mostly I remember feeling loved and happy.

Grandma Donna

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

UT part 4

 Saturday after spending the morning at Aspen Groves we headed out with our little family +Charlotte's buddy/cousin Ashlyn to go spend time with my sister Emily and her hubby and kids and her in-laws amazing cabin. Also, our friends Gina and Ian were meeting us there with their little guy Liam. It was such a fun filled day, I didn't want it to end.

Gina is a photographer and took some amazing shots. It was nice to actually be in a few pictures!

 with my sister Emily

 With Gina

Trent made a double jump for the kids on the ski hill. I got some pretty fun shots of that.