Friday, November 19, 2010

Field trip to the farm

With Hank's joyschool. Charlotte and Paisley had a good time too.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have neglected my blog for 2 weeks now

Not really sure why, just no desire in me at the moment. and still I have not gotten pictures on my computer, so a quick verbal update. We've been keeping busy with 3 separate soccer practices and games each week. Also I have been scouring the internet for lovely Christmas gifts to buy. I have decided to make some more headbands since I have not listed anything in the shop (see sidebar) for months and Abbie has been selling dozens of lovely earrings. I have been sketching as well, but that will take a little longer to get listed. I broke down and did the HCG diet that I swore I'd never do and lost about 15 lbs. however I am on to maintenance (and cheating horribly) and have gained 4 lbs back in a week! I am horrible. Hopefully I can keep the ten lbs off. So pretty much regular mom stuff. Now I am off to post some items I've been eyeing on my Oooh I want that blog.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My mind is full of meaningless nonsense. Why not spill some of it here?
There are so many ways that I want to improve myself. So many things I want to learn (spanish, guitar, photography, painting), unlearn (yelling and swearing), and so many places I want to go and see (New York, Hawaii, Paris, Italy, China,. . ). There is this whole better me I want to be (nicer, more thoughtful, more organized, more fit, less judging, more fashionable, more learned in the scriptures and in history,  and with a larger vocabulary). Then I think, how can I do all that when I can't even keep up with the laundry!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Three Days of Halloween

Well four if you count Thursday for Henry's joyschool.  And I was so lame this year that I didn't dress up for any of them.

Spongebob and Krabby Patty
Friday night was our ward trunk or treat. I brought chili and the kids got to go car trunk to car trunk gathering candy.

Saturday we joined Trent's parents for their ward party which had lots of food, fun, and candy as well.

Finally Sunday we had a party at my parents house. Yummy soups, rolls, chips, dips, and caramel apples. I cheated on my diet and allowed myself some real food. Now we're back to business today.
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