Tuesday, March 25, 2008


One hunt in our side yard. Tucker was so cute about making sure that Charlotte got eggs too. The best was hearing them giggle each time they spotted another egg.

Dinner and another egg hunt with the family at Grandma and Grandpa's.

They put dollars in some of the eggs to get the adults involved.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The end of the week

Thursday started off with Trent, Blake and Brandon going on the snowmobiles (snow-machines to you Idaho folk). Trent loved it! Then Trent pulled Tucker and Grandma S. on a sled behind the four wheeler. Tucker and Grandma built a snowman together. Tucker chose the icicle nose. He was fascinated with icicles. Then Trent's sister Stacey and her family came up to go sledding with us behind the cabin. fun was had by all, except Henry who still hated it, or was just mad that his nap schedule was so messed up.

Then later, when Henry, Tucker and Ashlyn were all sleeping Emily stayed at the cabin so we could go on the snow-machines, just us couples. It was really fun, but much too short for my liking. Am I such a bum. I felt so whiney, but seriously the whole week was fun, fun, fun, and more fun for Trent. I knew how it was going to be before we went, but still felt so gypped that the most fun outing I had was a 20 minute snowmobile ride. I did have fun, but the kind of fun where I got to see my sister and be in a cool new place, all while taking care of 3 kids the whole time. You know?

Anyway Friday morning came and we were packing up, washing sheets, and getting ready to leave for hours. Then we met our friends Gina, Ian, and Liam at the Chuck E. Cheese. Michelle got to meet us there with her boys too, so it was great to get to see her a little more. Then we headed or to Gina's for a little more time together. Liam is just 2 months older than Charlotte. Here they are giving me their best pouty faces. I got to see our old house too before we left. It was hard leaving my sister and good friends. I realized how much I really miss them.

Here are the kids on the way to the airport to go home.

Spring Break

2 Fridays ago (the 14th) we flew to Salt Lake. From there we drove to Rexburg Idaho to spend some time with Trent's Grandma and Grandpa P. They live on and operate and dairy farm. We had a great time with them and Blake and Andrea and Ashlyn (she has some great pics from the trip on her blog) who spent the whole week with us.

On Sunday we drove back to Heber, Utah and up the mountain to my sister's in-law's huge, beautiful cabin where we got to spend five days with Blake, Andrea, Ashlyn, and my sister Emily and Jonah stayed most of the time, her husband Brandon stayed one night and Trent's other grandparents, the S's stayed one night. It was great!

Trent and Blake went snowboarding Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They went to 3 different resorts. Snow Basin, Park City, and the Canyons. They loved them all, but Trent said Park City was his favorite. 2 of those days they were joined by Trent's sister Kim and her family and Trent's parents.

As for the kids and I, Monday we stayed at the cabin. I didn't attempt to take them all out in the snow. Henry wasn't thrilled with the cold and I wasn't ready to tackle all the kids outdoors without Trent. Tuesday Andrea and I took the kids to the Park City outlet shops. I would have liked to go in a few more of them, but there is only so much you can do with 4 kids tagging along. It was fun though. Then we spent the afternoon at Emily's house.

Wednesday I spent most of the morning getting our roomed cleared out and ready for the grandparents and trying to get kids ready and napped. By the time I got down the mountain (yes I even took the snow chains off myself) it was later than I hoped. I went to Provo for a short hour to see my friend Michelle and her boys before heading up to Park City to meet all of Trent's family for dinner.

I'll do another post to cover the rest of the week.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

We're home

We had a fun spring vacation in Utah. I'll tell you more about it when I am done puking. That pretty much started the minute we walked in the door from getting home.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Size 3

No that is not my dress size. I wish!

That is the magical diaper that can fit both my 7 month old and my 2 year old. I will squeeze them both into that size as long as it means that I never have to make sure I have 2 different size diapers in my house, car, purse, church bag and wherever else diapers are needed.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Swingin' Saturday

Saturday afternoon we had beautiful weather. We went to Freestone park where we fed ducks, played on the playground, and Tucker and Charlotte even got to go on a kid sized ferris wheel. It was so fun having a nice afternoon as a family.

Sunday Trent and I spoke in sacrament. Well mostly me. The meeting started 5 minutes late and there were 2 youth speakers and a musical number. So by the time I was finished Trent had about 3 minutes to speak. He didn't get to share much of what he had prepared, but bore a beautiful testimony. His parents came to listen and sat with the kids, so I enjoyed the meeting very much, except for the butterflies.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Hooray for Charlotte who had her first potty chair poop yesterday.

Boo for Tucker who chose last night (while Trent and I were talking to an agent about life insurance) to sleep walk into the family room and start peeing on the floor.

Ha ha!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Henry 7 months old

I haven't had the internet for 5 or 6 days, so these growing up kid posts are late. I have caught up on my blog reading, but didn't comment since I had so many to read and had at least one kid on my lap while doing it.

Henry is 7 months old as of February 27th. It is amazing the growth I watch month to month.

My funny little guy,
You are growing up way too fast. You are always on the verge of doing new things. This last month has been so funny. You are gobbling up your baby food now. You can easily down a size 2 jar in one sitting. Your face rash is much better, but still persistent enough to never fully leave. Your body and head are just little and round and you are such a fun size. It is the perfect time for throwing you in the air and carrying you in one arm. You easily entertain yourself and it is so fun to be able to sit you down on the floor and watch you search something out and then go for it. Your crawling has improved greatly. You seemed to do it out of no where. First you were scooting and army crawling all over. Now in the week since you've turned 7 months old you are crawling on your hands and knees with your belly off the floor like a champ! You can get all around our house! Also in that week you have learned a really cute, but not fun new trick that I was not expecting so soon. One night I was trying to let you cry yourself back to sleep, since it was much too early for you to be waking up to eat. You were really mad so I went to peek in and saw you in your crib, on your knees, holding tight to the railing. You couldn't get back down! Silly kid. The next two times you were all the way standing up, gripping the rail for your life. While I find it adorable to see your tiny body standing there and find it funny that you don't understand how to get down yet there are definite cons. Every time I lay you down in bed now you immediately head for the rail and start pulling yourself up! aaaahh! No more pouting yourself to sleep for a few minutes, you get yourself stuck in standing position and yell furiously. Oh the joy. Now I have to wait until you are basically comatose in my arms to lay you down and once you wake there is no crying it out because I have to come rescue you. Hopefully you will figure out that letting go would not be the end of the world as you are standing on a mattress.

Oh my little baby, you are wonderful. You continue to be very positive and easy going. The sleeping issues are the only trouble you've given me. You are very well behaved, healthy, and happy and we just love it. Charlotte thinks you are a great play thing and I look forward to seeing your relationship develop with her. Tucker is your helper and protector and loves you so much. We are so blessed to have you as an amazing part of our family. We love you dearly and can't imagine living without you.
All my love and unwanted kisses,

He anticipates the flash on the camera and closes his eyes now so I have to shut it off.

Getting bigger

A couple days ago on the 26th Charlotte turned 26 months old! She is also just a couple ounces shy of weighing 26 pounds. Silly.

My little Charlotte,
You are really a two year old. You have begun hitting me and testing me in new ways. However, you also delight me in new ways too. You eat all sorts of things, however you often insist on sitting on your dad's lap during dinner. Spoiled little girl. You are enjoying coloring and doodling more now than before. You have begun to help with prayers occasionally and love to say "Mamen" (Amen). Many of the word that start with a vowel you like to put an M on the beginning. Mup=Up, Mout=out, As in make-mup and make mout. You are saying darling little sentences. One of your cute new phrases, No it's not. I don't know why it cracks me up.

You are adventurous and love to do everything with your big brother. You love to climb and dig and jump and spin. You also like to get pretty and wear make up.

You are also getting much more affectionate. You used to love to deny me of kisses. Not anymore. You kiss me often and I am loving it. You love to kiss cheeks, arms, legs, lips and it is so funny. However I am sometimes also suprised with a nice wet lick on the arm too. Weirdo. That is one of my words you have picked up on. I laugh whenever you say weirdo, retard, or funny. It is too great in your little voice.
I love you so much and am so blessed and excited to get to watch you grow and learn.
Love always,
Your Momma