Thursday, May 31, 2007

32 weeks

This picture in the blue shirt is from May 18th. I think it shows better what my belly looks like.

The other three are from yesterday.

As you can clearly see, my butt sticks out as much or more than my big pregnant belly.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't go out of town or plan anything cool, but we had a nice weekend together which is just what I wanted. Saturday we looked at a few more houses. Nothing too enticing. Sunday was spent with church and reading Sunday ads and mostly lounging around. My lesson went well and I made some yummy pasta salad and grilled some shrimp that was pretty tasty. Monday we spent the morning playing with the kids in the backyard. The mornings are still great for playing outside and since we are up by 6 it is no problem getiing back inside before it gets too hot by 10. We spent a good chunk of the day cleaning. The kitchen, living room, Tucker's room, and our bathroom got finished, which is more than has been done for a long time (all at once, anyway). I took a little nap while the kids were napping and decided to hop in the bath for a little me time. Aaaah that felt good. While it lasted. The kids decided they wanted to join me when they woke up.
We needed to take the kids out for some fun, so we did what my Grandpa Jay would have referred to as a "triple treat", three places in one outing. First, dinner at Fuddruckers. Second, playing at Chuck E. Cheese. Third, soft serve from McDonalds. It was such a fun night with the kids!

Without the prostituti@n

Your Love Life is Like Pretty Woman

"I want the fairy tale"

You believe that love is truly blind, unpredictable, and surprising. Two very different people can easily find true love.
At least, that is how it will happen when you marry a gorgeous billionaire someday ;-)

Your love style: Sensual and flirty

Your Hollywood Ending Will Be: Surprisingly happy

Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh Goody

It was a much needed girl's night Thursday night at the Cheesecake Factory. It was the regular crowd, plus Abbie who is in town for the summer (yes!). It was delicious food and grown up conversation and catching up. Just what I needed. I must admit, I did not want to go home. But the mall was closed so home I went to my sleeping family (it was only 9:30).

Today I spent more depressing time searching and mapqwesting homes on the internet. Boo for another weekend of house hunting. We busted out the baby pool and slip 'n slide for a little afternoon fun. Now I am ready to order a pizza and chill on the couch.

Aren't my children adorable?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baby Rewards

I didn't mean to sound so negative yesterday. Thank you for all the encouraging words. Do you ever just have a holy crap moment?
I decided that there are a lot of cool things about being a young mom and having my kids close together. Some include:
-I should be done having kids by the time I am 30-32 and can get get back to being glamorous and sexy! (ha ha ha) Maybe at least in shape.
- I will have all my kids moved out before I get really old and will get to be alone with my husband.
- I will be a cool Grandma that may even possibly have my hearing and driving skills in tact.
- My kids will all be best friends and take care of eachother and never hit or be mean to eachother. Oh wait, well, they'll be close in age anyway and get to know eachother.
-There is no love like sibling love. Siblings have to learn to share. Siblings teach eachother how to do cool stuff.

-Best of all, that new baby smell. What could be more wonderful than a baby? You can kiss them all you want and there is nothing they can do about it.
- Tucker is great with babies and told me yesterday he can't wait to see what our new baby looks like.
-Charlotte is facinated by babies and loves to touch and kiss them.
-Trent likes babies too.
-Babies can do this.

-Babies love their mothers.
-Babies are the only people who can get away with holiday outfits or matching clothes and hats!

-Being a mother is the most rewarding job ever. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but then you look at your rewards-your kids! Whoa! How did I ever deserve that?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Why is it that it seems that this baby is just going to live inside me permanently? I guess the reality of my babies has always felt uncertain until I actually get to see their little faces. This baby seems different for some other reasons. I just can't believe that I am really going to have THREE children. Holy Cow. And since we're planning a move, I haven't set up the bassinet or pulled out all of Tucker's baby clothes and blankets or any of that fun stuff. I hadn't bought this baby one single item until yesterday when I got him a little outfit. Mostly that's because I think he'll have tons of clothes and blankets since I have unisex stuff and tons of stuff from Tucker that is all in the right season, but still.
There's something else. I'm scared. I am terrified of having three kids. When I think about how much time and work a newborn takes, I worry about my other kids. Charlotte is so young. I know Tucker did alright and I'm sure they'll both be okay, but it still makes me feel worried. How will I keep them all fed and napped and happy and stimulated and all those things that they need? How will I show them all my love? How will I make them each feel special?
I always knew I wanted at least 4 kids. That hasn't changed. I still want 4 kids. But now that #3 is coming and so fast, I just feel so unprepared and inadequate.

Monday, May 21, 2007

May is almost over?

We should definitely know by the end of this week if we are getting the house we made a bid on. I am feeling stressed because if we didn't get that house we haven't chosen a back up house to bid on yet and I really want to have a contract by the end of this month. Why, you ask. Because at the end of this month we have to tell our landlord weather or not we will be staying past our lease which ends at the end of June. So why not just pay for an extra month you ask. Well I would just really prefer to be moved into a house before I give birth and not have to do all the moving with a newborn. So hopefully we will have news very soon.
I have packed up a couple of diaper boxes with books and so today Tucker was sitting on the top with his juice box, while Charlotte was all tucked in her little nook reading a tractor book.

As soon as Charlotte saw me with the camera she started running right at me.

Well if any of you are interested in seeing funny old pictures of me go to my sister Emily's blog. She did a lovely spotlight on me. And somewhere in my archives is my spotlight on her.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Backpack, Backpack

Thank You Nana for the cool new animal backpacks!

They've been a big hit around here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tasty Tuesday

Yesterday was my glucose test. I just can't ever relax before being poked by a needle. I hate it. I get nauseous and dizzy and brought almost to tears just from a little blood draw. I hate feeling like such a woos. I have never succesfully donated blood. And no, I didn't wear my "I tried" sticker around campus.
Anyway, the baby is doing well and I've only gained 17 lbs. so far, so it wasn't too bad of a check-up.
Today is Tuesday which meant we went to lunch with Grandpa. We went to Waldo's BBQ where I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich and we all shared some really great cobbler. I love food. My kids ate great and were darling. I am full and the kids are in bed for naps. What more could I ask for?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Friday evening I thankfully found a babysitter. One of the young women in our ward. Trent and I had a pretty casual dinner at BJ's and then headed to look at two houses. When Trent tried to take me home before eight I was less than pleased and so we went to dessert and bought a couple of movies. Saturday we drug the kids to all the other houses we had left on my list. It was a long day. We decided to make an offer on our favorite one and found out it was a preforclosure that had to have all offers approved by the bank which could take up to two weeks to be approved and not only that, but that it also had another offer in to the bank already. So Trent will submit our offer this morning with our preapproval letter from the lender and we'll have 2 weeks to wait to find out if we outbid the other offer and if it's been accepted. So in the mean time we'll keep trying to find a backup house. Yuck.
Saturday night my little brother Mark came to our house and we got to call my brother Ted in Madagascar on his mission. It was great to hear his voice! He spoke Malagasy for us which was very cool and had it's own sort of beauty. He sounded well and was definitely loving his time in Madagascar. His 2 years will be up in February. It's been flying by.
Sunday I woke up to a cute little Tucker voice telling me "Happy Mother's Day". Trent gave me a wonderful card, 3 roses (one for each of my children), and a generous gift certificate to Kohl's. It was such a nice little surprise. I had a really enjoyable Mother's Day and I hope all you other Mother's did as well.
Today is my glucose test. I will try to get some pictures of my adorable kids to post tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, May 11, 2007

You're probably sick of my house hunting, I know I am

So as of now, we've seen right around 30 houses. Holy Crap. It doesn't end when I go to bed either. In my dreams I am looking at houses. What about these closets, floors, cabinet space, laundry room, garage size, yard size, location, bathrooms, ceilings? It's exhausting. But, we are getting closer. Last night we looked at 4 and saw two that we would actually consider making bids on. Hooray! Of course we cannot find one with all of the requirements we would like. These 2 would be sacrificing for a smaller yard, but at least they have grass and enough room for the trampoline. Also, they just aren't any closer to my folks. It would be great to be a few miles closer to my family, especially with the new baby coming. But as hard as I look, nothing in our price range with a decent garage and newer than 1990 is by them. But, what can you do. I like older houses with character, but Trent has quite a good argument about the quality of homes in our price range that are older and the extra expense of cooling and heating with older windows and that kind of thing. So I have 8 or 9 more houses I want to see by Monday or Tuesday and then I think we will be making an offer or two. Thanks for reading my boring post. That's what has been occupying 90% of my thoughts these last weeks.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

29 weeks

Can you believe I've only got 11 more weeks of this pregnancy? Me neither. It has been going by so fast! My little guy gets hiccups frequently. He is very active. I can see him stretching sometimes, with a body part poking out on both sides of my belly. We are no closer on names. We still are considering Henry, Crosby, and Griffin, but have now added Milo, Davis, and Zander to our favorites. My glucose test is this week. Fun.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What you all come here for

Found my battery charger. Ta-Dah!
I haven't had cute pictures or much exciting to blog about, but I'm back. All my onlline time has been spent looking for more houses and my other time has been spent making our Young Women's flag for girl's camp that had to be done for tonight's Camp Kick-Off. I wasn't too ashamed of the results.

Other than that Charlotte and I have had a cold. Kind of funny when it's supposed to hit 100 degrees tomorrow. Charlotte has finally decided to call Trent Daddy- with darling results. It just sounds cute and you can tell how Trent is so pleased whenever she says it.
We have been having lunch with Trent's dad for the last 5 Tuesdays and it has just been a nice treat to look forward to every week. My wonderful husband helped me do tons of laundry and cleaning this weekend which makes him sexier than ever and I have been so happy ever since!

Today we had fun in the little pool. Charlotte is pretty much the cutest in her tankini. I can't get her to keep her hat or sunglasses on, but managed to get one picture with the shades.
Also someone told what a great idea it is to plug the crock pot in outside and not heat up the house. Brilliant! I have a whole chicken cooking on my back porch right now.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Aah Man.

So this weekend we eliminated some houses on my list and finished seeing all the rest. I was quite discouraged that there isn't one that I was excited about or willing to make an offer on. However, I went online and tweaked my search criteria and came up with about 10 more promising homes. Trent may have to deal with not having a 2.5 or 3 car garage or a house newer than 1993 and I may have to deal with stairs. Hey it's only for 5 years or something right? We are not ready and cannot afford at this time to buy the house that we would truly like to live in until we are old and our kids move out. So I am ready and still hopeful that we will find something very suitable and I look forward to checking out more homes. I think.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Delayed Post

Well, my camera has a weird kind of battery and I can't find the charger, so I haven't taken any pictures this week. It hasn't been too exciting anyway, so not to worry. We did get to play with Sophie early this week and with Kaleb, Ethan, Chandler, Jack, and Moqui too! Charlotte woke up with a cold Wednesday and has been quite snotty. The first day she was really tired and not feeling great, but she has been feeling better the last couple of days other than a raw nose from all the wiiping. In other Charlotte news, she has been saying uh-oh (more like ah-oh) whenever she drops something. It's pretty cute. She says Mommy a lot, for me and Trent. Yay, I thought all kids say dada first! It's funny hearing her call me mommy and then walking over to Trent and saying the same thing. She also has been kissing us a lot more! At first it started with her hitting us and then kissing us better. She would walk over to me, smile, hit me, wait for my sad face, and then pucker up to make it all better. This went on for over a week. It was too hard to be mad at the little turd when she was hitting us for the sole purpose of being able to kiss it better. This week she has been handing out the kisses without the hitting. One night before bed she was riding around the living room on her little tractor going back and forth kissing Trent, Tucker, then me and then turning around and kissing her way back and forth across the room. We were all enjoying it so much and laughing, clapping, and waiting for our next turn that I think she could've done that all night. Unfortunately we finally had to put her to bed. Another funny thing she has been doing lately is tipping her head way back when she eats and tipping it way to the side when she looks at babies or other objects that seem worthy of a side look. It's darling. She still flexes her muscles on request and loves chasing Tucker in circles around the living room furniture.
Hopefully I will get some new pictures soon!