Friday, August 31, 2007

This week

I have been reading all my friends blogs to quickly catch up, but haven't had much time to comment. Also my email won't send any outgoing mail right now and I haven't figured out how to fix that yet.
Having three kids is great and also very challenging for me. Tucker is usually great, he keeps Charlotte entertained most of the time, but the other times he is making her pout and whine and cry because he won't share or is taking her toys from her. Charlotte is prone to cry at any little thing and has perfected the art of tripping- on nothing at all. She randomly falls down all over the place and I cannot usually figure out what caused her to fall, because her path was clear. She is constantly bonking her head on walls or the floor and crying. I am pretty sure she just wants attention or she has some sort of internal problem that messes with her ability to balance and maintain emotional control! Henry is awake a lot more now, his acne is clearing up and he is as cute as ever, although bald on the top of his head. He is mainly a very happy and good baby. The only hardship is his difficulty burping and his excessive spit-up. I think it took him a whole hour to burp after his 4 am feeding this morning. Fun.
I feel cooped up a lot and I'm sure the kids do too, but the thought of taking them all somewhere is frightening enough to keep us home almost always. Well, he's up. Gotta run.

Friday, August 24, 2007

4 weeks already?

Henry came into our home 4 weeks ago. Wow. He is certainly not having any trouble putting on weight. He already has the biggest cheeks and an extra chin! I can't download pictures until Trent hooks up the right cords for me. Henry is such a joy, I can't get enough of snuggling him and breathing him in. He has taken on the characteristic spitting up that my other kids had. Its not as bad as Charlotte's, but it is amazing how much rounder he is getting considering that he seems to spit up as much as he keeps down. He's also got a long tongue like my other kids and is usually found sleeping with it partially sticking out.
Charlotte and Tucker are wonderful at keeping each other entertained while my hands are full with the baby. They always love to kiss his face.
I am really anxious for the hundred plus degree temps to start cooling down. I can't wait to hang out in our new backyard without sweating profusely. I am sick of loading kids into a sweltering hot vehicle after going anywhere.
Tucker has gone to preschool twice now (he goes Tuesdays and Thursdays) and loves it. It is kind of a hassle loading up everyone, taking them out and putting them back in just to drop him off and pick him up, but it is worth it when he tells me how much fun he has. We even went to lunch with Grandpa yesterday after school and then Grandma came over in the evening and took the kids swimming in our pool. Our pool is only 5 feet deep and pretty small, so it feels more like a large bath than a refreshing pool with how warm it stays. Maybe it will be funner in a couple weeks! Tucker has been swimming without the aid of a life jacket and loves showing off his new skill. He's doing really great.
Well that's all for now, more updates to come. Hopefully we'll find the camera cord and hook it up soon.

Friday, August 17, 2007

If you've been missing me

I'M alive and all is well. We are moved in to our new house and I absolutely love it! Tucker starts preschool on Tuesday! We are keeping quite busy unpacking. I have yet to figure out how to get much done with three kids. Showering and putting clothes on is quite the accomplishment. Our new house required us to buy a brand new fridge and washer and dryer. Trent did an excellent job picking them out. Henry has broken out with baby acne and has begun to lose the hair on top of his head, very sad, but he is still very beautiful. More soon and hopefully pictures.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Extra-Mile award

Okay, it may not be as fun and entertaining as the Tad Award, but I have some people who deserve the extra-mile award. These women have been going the extra mile for me and I want to thank them.

First of all, Andrea. She is my SIL and helps me all the time. She lives right around the corner and is always willing to watch the kids or help out when I need her. She threw my diaper party at her house. Whenever we have her over for dinner, she does all the dishes afterward! And Monday she brought dinner and still cleaned up and helped me bathe the kids! Yesterday she came over and helped me pack. She basically packed up all my kitchen cupboards and half of our linen closet. And she cleaned up the kitchen once again. Did I mention she has an 8 month old little girl that she put down for a nap at our house so that she could do all this for me? Andrea you are the best, thank you for always going the extra-mile for me!

Second, my other SIL Dusti. She threw my diaper party with Andrea. She is a super-hostess, great at throwing cute parties. She sent me flowers when I was stuck at home while everyone was at Lake Powell. She took Tucker and Charlotte for a whole day last week and then did it again yesterday! Not only did she give me time with my baby and time to shower and pack, but she didn't come back empty handed. NO, both times she brought back a fabulous dinner when she returned the kids. I'll have leftovers for days. Thank you Dusti for taking care of us!

Now for another SIL, Michelle. She took Tucker on Friday for a fun sleepover with her boys. She treated them to Check E. Cheese. Then on Tuesday when I had a funeral to attend and badly needed to get groceries, she came all the way to my house to watch Tucker and Charlotte. Talk about going the extra mile, she came 40 miles one way to do these things for me! Not to mention she washed all the dishes in my sink. I can't thank you enough Michelle.

Last, but not least, my MIL Terrie. Trent's mom and dad stayed at our house with Tucker and Charlotte while we were at the hospital for 2 days with our newborn. When we came home our kids were happy and fed, we had food in the fridge and our house had been cleaned and laundry done. Then a couple of days ago when Terrie came ot visit and see the baby she managed to clean my kitchen and fold my laundry before she left. What a huge relief it is to have that stuff done when you have your hands full with 3 kids. Thank you for all you do!

I want to thank everyone who has helped or visited since we've had the baby. What a wonderful support system. What a different experience it has been than when we were away from our family having babies in Utah!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Monkey see, Monkey do

here you can see Charlotte placing my nursing pad in her shirt. . .

and smiling in success.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Tucker's fun weekend

Check out pictures of Tucker's fun sleepover with his cousins, Kaleb, Ethan, and Moqui here. And a couple of Henry with his sexy Aunt Michelle here.
Tucker had a great time and told me that Uncle Adam "squeezes him a lot". So cute. Thanks Adam and Michelle.

Moving (for real)

Some of you may be thinking, hey didn't Robin say she was moving into a new house a while ago? Whatever happened with that? Well, let me tell you. We originally had an offer in on a house that was accepted. We had all our financing done and everything ready, the sellers however had a lot of problems with their bank accepting the offer even though they had given them verbal approval already. I was sick of being given the run-around and one weekend decided to look up some more houses on MLS. Well, I found a bank owned home that was the exact same floor plan as the other one we had an offer on only it was about 100 sf bigger and on a little bit of a bigger lot. Trent went and took a look and decided we would make an offer on that house and back out on the other. It had only been on the market one day and had another offer on it later the same day that we made an offer, so it was really a blessing that our offer was accepted. Since this was a foreclosure we had to deal with a lot of crap from slow banks again, but this time it all worked out. We have finally closed on this other house. It has the same cosmetic issues as the other house- needs all new paint and flooring. We had extended our rental lease twice and now have people moving in here on the 15th of this month. That gives us about one week to get the other house ready and get out of here! It is going to be a crazy busy week, especially for Trent. He already spent all Friday evening and Saturday ripping out carpet, linoleum and baseboards. One nice thing is that our new house is less than a mile from where we are now, which makes it really convenient for Trent to work on and for us to make lots of little trips moving stuff over there. We are so excited to get into our own place again and to settle in somewhere that we'll probably be for the next 5 years at least. I will be posting before and after pictures of the changes when they are all done.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My kids are the cutest.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Count your blessings

At this time our love, thoughts, and prayers go out to our friends in the tragic loss of their baby to SIDS. Stephanie stated it best here.

For my own record

At 6 days old Henry:

Already weighs 8 lbs. 1 oz.
Is 21 inches long
has a head circumference of 14 cm.

Our pediatrician pronounced him a perfect baby.
I concur.

My mom came to the doctor's office with us, and took us to lunch.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh Henry!

Babies are so wonderful.
They smell like heaven.
They have the softest cheeks that I could snuggle against for hours.
My baby has the cutest wrinkly knees.
My baby has the skinniest bum and legs I've ever seen.
He makes the cutest faces when he's sleeping.
He sleeps all the time.
Tucker loves to hold him.
Charlotte loves to kiss him.
Trent loves to hold and kiss him.
I love to hold and kiss and snuggle and sniff him.

We have been so lucky to have people bringing us food and presents and calling us to check in. Thank you everyone. We are doing well. I am crying for joy one minute and out of frustration the next. But we are figuring it all out. I love my little family. I am so grateful to be here close to my family and my wonderful in-laws.
Charlotte is saying new things everyday. Tucker is so excited to have a new brother.