Friday, August 28, 2009

We're glad to have our camera

Don't be alarmed by weirdo TV lady head in the background. :)

The last few pictures taken before it's disappearance confirm my suspicions about it's abductor.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A rough week so far

Monday was awful. Tucker was crying and saying his belly hurt on the way to school so Trent brought him home. After a couple hours I knew he was fine, but it wasn't worth taking him back, since I was going to have to check him out early for his doctor appt with the ENT guy. So I take the kids to my mom's, lay Paisley down and take Tucker to the doctor. He looked in his ears, had him get his hearing tested and looked in his right ear again. He told us that he has fluid behind both eardrums, his right ear drum is retracted and looks unhealthy. Tucker has about 15% hearing loss in his left ear and about 35% in his right. His suggestion, tubes. Again. He said about 1 in 4 kids who has tubes will have a need to get them again. I had no idea. I was thinking about how we haven't even paid for Henry's tubes he got at the end of May. I get to hear from Trent every few days about how the nurse told us it was going to be less than we were billed. He seems to think her estimate was written in stone and signed in blood and that no one can expect us to pay a penny over what she casually told me. Baaa. Well, we want the kid to hear. Trent jokingly asks me if I feel bad now for thinking Tucker was the most terrible listener ever.

We pick up the kids. Tucker has a fit when we leave, as usual. Paisley screams the whole way home and vomits in her seat. To top it off, I scrape the wheel well of my car pulling into the garage which makes Trent so mad that he won't look at me. Since the kids wouldn't eat at Nana's for no good reason, I get to whip up some pancakes.

Tuesday, Tucker cries, says his belly hurts, and we send him to school anyway. He was fine. After Charlotte's preschool I go to Walmart with the 3 kids (we're out of soy milk and I can't put it off any longer). Naps are overdue and it is not fun. Get the kids down only to realize I have to pick Tucker up in 30 minutes. (My carpool partner is out of town.) Kathi comes to the rescue and picks him up and takes him home and lets him play xbox for a while, saving the day! Creepy guy calls. Finally the kids are in bed and I am almost changed to go jogging when Paisley pukes everywhere. I thought I might be able to pull off cleaning her up and still going jogging. No such luck. More puke, more cleaning, more snuggling. I dream of creepy guy breaking in.

This morning, Tucker crying and saying his belly hurts. Charlotte pukes on the floor, while I am trying to get ready for the carpet cleaning guy. Tucker goes to school crying.

The one good thing. I found my camera.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Still no camera

I haven't really been looking for it lately, because I really don't know where to look anymore.
Anyway, I start my Wellness Challenge today and am looking forward to hopefully being and fitter, healthier, and happier me. When I say happier it is not because I find myself to be unhappy in general, but I definitely have my times. For example, I have found myself cussing under my breath a lot lately. Since Henry learned the word "dammit" a couple of weeks ago, I am at least doing it inaudibly to children ears now :) But I hate the feeling. Why am I doing it? It doesn't make anything better or even relieve any stress. It's pretty much stupid. But yet. . . It seems that I have this problem when it has been a long time since I have had a break. And by having a break, I don't mean going grocery shopping after the kids are in bed or even going to Bunko after the kids are in bed. It means having time to do something that I want to do while someone else takes care of the children, you know, during the day. We've had a couple of dates, but I still feel like I really haven't had a break for a long time. I'm tired. Motivation is low.

Also, I know I am a crappy housewife. Please don't try to say otherwise, that is not why I said that. I hate cleaning (somehow there is no satisfaction finishing a job that is immediately destroyed), don't really like cooking, and can't really afford to beautify my home how I would like to. I know that it's not important to have nice things, but I'll be so grateful to replace the brass hanging light fixtures one day! Eew.

I think that doing this wellness challenge will help because if I can have specific goals that make me feel better, inside and out, I will have more motivation to change in other areas of my life as well. Such as using my time more wisely etc., etc.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8 years

Today is our anniversary. I love my husband. He makes me very happy. He is a great man, a wonderful father, a good provider, a strong example, a hard worker, a jack of all trades, and he's so beautiful. I could not ask for a better man.

Happy Anniversary Trent. I love you so much. I am so grateful that I get to share my life with you. I cannot imagine anyone better to spend eternity with.
All my love,
Your Robin

Monday, August 17, 2009

School has started

Charlotte was a little hesitant the first day at preschool, but when I picked her up she was wearing a huge smile and couldn't wait to go again. Her second day she was excited to wear her frog backpack, and she looked so cute. She told me that she loves school! What could make a momma happier?
Tucker got his beginning of the school year blessing from Daddy. He still had some nerves, but was also excited. I should've dropped him off myself, but I let Trent do it.Waiting in the crazy long line to pick him up it was 115 degrees outside and sitting in the car with it idling on the hot pavement my temp reader on the mirror got all the way to 140. Yuck! When I picked him up he was smiling, but told me he had cried a little because he missed me. What a little angel. I felt so bad. Then his second day of school he was pouting after he was home. He told me, " In kindergarten we got rest time, but in first grade we just work every second of the day!" He was exhausted and promptly fell asleep on the couch after dinner. He slept til morning!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Anyone up for a challenge?

So right at the time that I am looking for some motivation and push to be healthier, I found out a friend of mine is doing this. (click here to see.)
The more people who join in make the prize more challenging and the prize money (and my motivation) greater. For ten bucks I can't say no. Especially when it will potentially give me the push I need to change my habits! I hope some of you will join with me and maybe I can kick my soda habit for good and eat the fruits and veggies that I always say I am going to. So check it out HERE and lets get started! And hey, I figure the more friends that I get doing it means I can reach out to them for moral support when I feel like quitting.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Camp-out, Make-out"

That is the name of the new game Henry and I have been playing. I lie on my back under a blanket with my feet in the air, making a tent. Henry joins me in the tent where we commence with the kissing and tickling.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No camera= no posting

My camera has been missing for about 2 weeks now. I had to borrow one for the boys party. The most frustrating thing about it, I'm about 98.43% sure that it is in this house. I'm pretty sure a certain 2 year old picked it up and placed it in some magical hiding spot that I won't find for 8 -24 more weeks. I searched the last couple of days, because I wanted pictures of Charlotte ready for her first day of preschool (it was today) and Tucker's first day of 1st grade (tomorrow), but no luck! Errrrrr.

So what else has been on my mind lately?

Hmm. When my family came over for the boys birthday, I figured out that they hadn't been to my house for a year. One year. Before Paisley was born. Does anyone else think that is so insane? I guess since I usually visit their home so often they don't really have to come over to see the kids, but still. We did have the nerve to move 20 whole minutes away from them, so you know. It's not really that big of deal, since we still see eachother. But once in a while, it starts to bother me.

What else? My weight loss has leveled off for the time being. I guess I have to get serious and actually diet now. Boo.

I really want to sign up for a guitar class at a local community college. It's one night a week and it will cost me about $15o. Do you think I should do it?

Other than that I basically spend my days trying to talk myself into getting more organized, telling myself to be a better house keeper, be more productive, invest some time in a hobby, and get back in shape so I can stop feeling like such a big blob of useless crap.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

6 year old Tucker

Tucker (my big boy),
I love you so much! You always want to please me. Sometimes when I give you a choice between two things you will ask if I'll be sad if you choose a certain one or you will ask which one I want you to pick. It's really sweet. You know when you make mistakes and you feel bad. You are currently really into Star Wars The Clone Wars, Transformers, Lego games on the computer( I won't let you have any legos yet, since the few Jackson gave you keep ending up in Paisley's mouth), motorcycle computer games, and Mario. You are good at sharing and you are a good big brother. You want to be special and you really are. You are wonderful at reading and I am surprised at how you figure out how to pronounce difficult words all on your own. I can't believe you are going into first grade! I know you will be a star in your class. Sometimes you can definitely have a temper ( you must have learned that from me:( ) You have always pronounced words meticulously and been very good at speaking, so I love it when you say little things that aren't quite perfect and remind me that you are still just a little boy. For instance you kept showing me the "constructions" to show me how to transform your new Transformer Sideswipe. Cute. You are handsome and strong and I love that you are particular about your clothes and hair. I am so happy that you made me a mother and I will always treasure the 2 1/2 years we had together, just you and me every day. Tucker you are amazing!
Your Mother

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2 year old Hanky

You've grown so much. You are so silly. You can repeat almost anything we say which has led to me kicking myself in the butt sometimes. You play so well with your siblings and you truly love them. Although sometimes you find it a bit too hard to resist pushing that baby sister or giving her a big squeeze a bit too hard. You give us kisses and hugs and snuggles whch is so nice. You still like to have mommy sing you songs like "Slippery Fish" or "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" to which you like to say the "beam" part. And you love the birthday song. You prefer us to read "Goodnight Moon" each time before you lay down for your nap and for the night. You love the water, but have no fear of it. Which is why we always have you in your "jacket" around the pool. Your vocabulary is growing everyday and you often put two or three words together on your own. I love to hear you say "Mommy comin?" when Daddy is putting you in the car. You tell me when you are "poopy" now and have even used the toilet a couple of times, which gives me hope that you will be trained soon. You have big puppy eyes with the longest lashes and the prettiest lips in our family. You are absolutely wonderful and I can't imagine our family without you. I can't wait to see all the great things you'll do. I love you every little moment.
~Your mother

The birthday boys report

Well, the mustaches were part of our celebration with my family. But about a week before the birthdays we celebrated with Trent's family. Many treasures were given and we all had a great time. I attempted a homemade dairy free chocolate cake. It was alright, but just not flavorful enough. I think we'll stick with brownies or duncan hines yellow cake and classic chocolate frosting for Henry (all dairy free).

When Henry came in our bed on the morning of his birthday and Trent and I greeted him with "Happy Birthday" he quickly responded, "Candles?" Most the day was spent playing with balloons and blowing out candles.

The next day was Tucker's day. He wanted to be reassured several times that although we were having a party two days later that he would have presents to open on the morning of his birthday. He got to go to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Fuddruckers and that night he got a special date with Daddy to the Diamondbacks game!

Thursday we had my family over in the evening for dinner, swimming, mustaches, brownies and cupcakes. Although Henry had a fever all day he managed to get in on the fun, quietly. It was a great time with many more fun toys for the boys.