Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yesterday started out normal enough. Cereal, cleaning, naps. . .

After naps I decided I wanted to go to TJMaxx and Old Navy. I needed to pick Andrea up a birthday present, and I also wanted a pair of jeans and to look at shoes. I invited Andrea to come along. She met us there and we began shopping. Found some cute stuff, Andrea picked out a bag and I found a dress and jammies for Charlotte. We were almost done and the kids were getting pretty restless so I decided to get them out of the cart and let them walk around for a few minutes. I was looking at little girl stuff with Charlotte and Tucker right behind me. Suddenly I hear Charlotte scream. I turn around to see her bending over by one of the metal legs of a clothes stand. She has bonked her head I think. As I reach for her I see the blood start to drip. I scoop her up and see a huge gash in a vertical line in the middle of her forehead. I am on the verge of screaming and crying, but all I can do is stand there holding Charlotte with one arm and holding her skin together with the other hand. Blood is dripping down her face and Tucker starts to cry. Andrea is just a couple rows over and comes to see what's going on. She says "Are you okay, what do you need?"
I manage to say that I need to get her to a hospital or Urgent Care because she needs stitches. Andrea quickly whipped out her phone and called Trent and told him we needed him. Luckily he was at his office only a couple miles away. Someone who worked there finally comes over and asks what they can do. She gets a first aid kit and puts on some butterfly bandages. We go to the front of the store to wait for Trent. While I am using baby wipes to wipe the blood off of Charlottes face and arms and my arms the manager comes to find out what happened. I know she is worried about a lawsuit , but I clearly tell her it was nobody's fault and it was just a freak accident. She asks me to call and let her know when everything is okay. A helpful customer lets us know that there is a pediatric Urgent Care right around the corner. Trent arrives and Andrea is kind enought to take Tucker home with her and her new baby.
Tucker was so worried about his little sister. While we were sitting there he said, " Mom, I'm so sad that Charlotte got hurt. I forgot to save her."
I told him he did a great job and she will be all better after we have a doctor look at her.
We get to the place in no time and Charlotte is totally calm and happy to be playing with her dad. She was so excited about the fish tank.
Well, soon enought it was our turn and we were asked to hold some gauze soaked in some numbing stuff on her head for 15 minutes, so it won't hurt when they give her the shot of the real anesthetic before her stitches. They wrap her up in a blanket and stick her in what the doctor called a "papoose" or a baby straightjacket. I couldn't look when they gave her the shot, I turned to the corner and cried. But then I decided that I wanted Charlotte to be able to see my face so I came and stood by while Trent was kneeling beside her with his hands on her sides. The doctor had a hard time starting the initial stitch and with all the tugging and blood Trent got a bit nauseaus and asked me to come hold Charlotte. I was so surprised because it really takes a lot to get to Trent. Charlotte was screaming mad because she was being restrained and even managed to bust open the velcro so they had to rewrap her once. She ended up with 3 stitches topped with goop and the most colorful band-aid ever made. The doctor assured me she would only look worse the next couple days as she would surely bruise and swell and probably get 2 black eyes. And don't forget as with any head injury to check on her every four hours in the night to make sure you can wake her. As soon as she was in her Daddy's arms she was as happy as a clam. Since they had assured us she would feel nothing for a few hours until the anesthesia wore off we even joined Blake and Andrea for her birthday dinner at Sauce.
I had a hard time getting those scary, sad, bloody images from my head last night. However Charlotte is awake and cute and happy as can be! What a tough little girl!

Friday, February 23, 2007

18 weeks

I feel way bigger than last week!

February Girl's Night was so fun!
We met at Mimi's Cafe. Sarah, Michelle, Stephanie, Mel, and Lauren came. I was so pleased! We were starving and had to wait a little bit, but it was tasty and so fun just talking with cute girls.

This morning I went to the temple to do baptisms with the young women at 5:00am. I thought Tucker would be pretty surprised since I was gone when he went to bed AND when he woke up. I asked Trent what he said and he told me that when he told Tucker that I was at the temple, Tucker said, "She can't go to two places at a time."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday: Jill visited, we went to lunch at a good, cheap chinese place. It was really busy and had really slow service. Tucker fell asleep on the bench right next to me before we left.
Rain. WalMart. Blake and Andrea over for a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, cabbage, and homemade mashed potatoes followed by oatmeal cookies.

Tuesday: I got two cute, long shirts from Ross (my favorite place). One was $5.99, the other was $7.99. Tucker and Charlotte each got a new book also. Then we went to see Grandma for about an hour.

Wednesday: Kids didn't wake up til almost 4 pm from naps (Charlotte has gone back to 2 a day). We headed straight to Nana's to play. Nana gave me another cute long shirt. Trent met us theree for a yummy roast dinner. Went home, got Charlotte in her jammies and headed to Young Women's. First time for no breastfeeding.

Today I woke up feeling full and sore in one breast and instantly wanted to stick Charlotte on there for relief and snuggles. However, I have resisted the temptation. My baby is growing up. I feel sad knowing that I won't have that nursing time with her anymore, although I know my body could use the break for a few months.

The last few days during nap times when I should be cleaning I have been doing photo albums. Making a new one online to order and trying to redo some old ones. I also have tons of old photos in a box that I want to organize and sort into books. It is enough to keep me busy for a while and I'm not even doing anything cute or fancy like scrapbooking. It will still be really exciting to see it all done and easily available to look at. But I have to take a break today to clean the house since I am having girl's night tonight.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekly weekend update

First of all, Thursday night I felt my baby move for the first time!

Friday Sarah called up at lunch time and asked if we would like to join her and Chandler and Jackson and a friend of hers at Peter Piper. I knew Tucker would love it, and I don't spend much time with them, so we gladly went. The boys and Charlotte had a great time and Tucker got his first "fart thing" (whoopie cushion). Since we were right by Trent's office we stopped by to say hi before going to Target and back home. Charlotte got in his tool bag to help him fix the vandalized front door.
Trent didn't get home til a little after 6. I wanted to go to our ward party, but by the time Trent was showered and ready it was almost time for Charlotte to go to sleep. I didn't feel like another Friday night in so I asked Trent if he would mind if I went to a movie. I rarely ever go to the theatre. He didn't mind, so I called Lauren up hoping she wouldn't have any plans. I was lucky, she met me and we watched Because I Said So, which was pretty good.

Saturday was mostly spent cleaning house and resting a little. Karen called and said that she was safe in Georgia, right in downtown Athens- a fun college town. She said it was beautifully lush and green, but cold. She sounded excited for a change of scenery.

Sunday after church we joined the in-laws at Trent's parent's home for a nice time of dinner and visiting and all the kids playing together. It was a nice refreshing weekend!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

February 14

Well Trent and I aren't really big Valentine's Day enthusiasts. In other words we're not very romantic. I knew right away when we were dating and I got a street corner teddy bear basket for our first Valentine's together. Not my idea of a thoughtful or romantic gift. Anyway, I am pleased to get flowers nowadays.
Yesterday started off with uncontrollable vomiting, so things weren't looking up. My sister Karen is moving to Georgia today and we had planned to get together for lunch with Sarah and Michelle and our kiddos. So I managed to get dressed and my kids dressed by the time Karen got here. I was a little worried about leaving being sick, but I was starving and determined to go. Things worked out. I felt much better after eating a tasty BBQ chicken salad and seeing my cute sisters, nephews and niece.
The kids passed out on the way home. After naps we delivered some homemade handicrafts (Valentine's) to Grandpa and Uncle Troy at the shop and went and visited Grandma for a little bit. When we got home Trent had gotten me some roses and chocolates and I had gotten him some sugary stuff too.
Charlotte did some vacuuming, and I decided to start documenting my belly growth.
I am 17 weeks along now and I look like I have a bit of a beer belly. Most my normal shirts don't fit right and maternity clothes are too big. It's the fun stage where people think you are getting fat.

Well,Trent had whatever stomach bug had gotten to me that morning, so we weren't a very exciting couple. I put Charlotte to bed and headed to Young Women's where we decorated sugar cookies and delivered them to some widows in our ward.
Besides the tummy problems it wasn't a bad day. Although it was a little sad to get no lovin.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Done and Done

I know I've posted since last Wednesday, but I forgot some cute pictures. My mom came over after my doctor's appointment and we went to the little park behind my house. Karen had just taught Tucker how to roll down hills, so that was a favorite. Also he thinks he knows how to whistle. This is hilarious, he sticks one finger in his mouth and loudly squeels, inflecting his voice like a whistle- I'll have to video it.
Then on Thursday afternoon we invited Stephanie, Mabel, and Oliver over. We had a good time playing!

Friday we met Grandma for a tasty lunch at Neilsen's and picked some oranges and grapefruit in her backyard.

Saturday we put Charlotte in a forward facing carseat! She was pretty excited to see us and Tucker and out the windows!
That afternoon while Trent was shooting shotguns with his brother I loaded the kids up in the car to go visit Sarah and her kids. Much to my disappointment my car wouldn't start. I took the kids out back to play and continued to try to start the car about every ten minutes. Nothing. So when Trent got home he found out we need a new fuel pump. There goes my Monday and about $300. Yuck. So today I will have plenty of time to catch up on cleaning and folding laundry. Hooray.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh Baby

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have my mom join me for my doctor's appointment. She just got home from OK on Tuesday and had lots of great pictures of Emily and Jonah to show me. We got to hear my baby's heartbeat strong and loud and she recorded it on her camera. The most exciting part was scheduling my ultrasound- 4 more weeks until I see my baby! I can't wait. Trent and I had discussed maybe having a "surprise" baby after we already had one boy and one girl, but I think with the excitement of being here close to family, I wouldn't be able to stand not knowing the sex. Perhaps with our last baby we'll be surprised, who knows.
Well Charlotte is down to only feeding before bedtime now which means nursing is almost over. I sure hope Trent and I can plan an overnight trip away from the kids one time before this new baby comes! I'll have to cross my fingers.

Monday, February 05, 2007

We DO do fun things

Lately we have had plenty to keep us busy it seems and we've been having lots of fun. Thursday was Michelle's birthday so we headed to Coolidge to spend some time with her. It was just nice to see her and have someone to talk to while my kids did their usual thing, running around like wild monkeys. Friday morning LIndy called and said that she had gotten her tax return (wow, I'm impressed) and they were scrambling to get all their stuff together so they could move the next day! HELLO! I knew it was coming, but geez. Since I was heading to that side of town I decided I needed In 'N Out Burger. I thought, who would want to meet me there. I invited Stephanie and her kids spur of the moment and was so glad they were up for it. After lunch we went to say Goodbye to Lindy and her kids. Waaaah, I am going to miss hanging out with her so much! I'm still in denial for now. Saturday I got several errands run while Trent took care of the yard while the kids were napping. Sunday was Blake and Andrea's baby blessing for Ashlyn. It was really great and fun for us to have so much family to entertain us for sacrament meeting. We got together with everyone afterward for a fabulous luncheon. Today we had beautiful weather and we got to enjoy feeding the ducks and getting books at the library. I think we will be spending time outside all week, since it will be in the mid 70's! Perfect.
Anyway, my kids are great. Charlotte is doing very well learning to use a fork. She loves looking at animal books. Tucker is so clever. It is so amazing to watch them interact. They chase eachother all over the house laughing. They love playing together in the bath. Tucker "reads" to Charlotte. I can't imagine anything better than when my kids are getting along. It is the sweetest thing, better than I could've ever imagined.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Congratulations Emily and Brandon on their new baby boy, Jonah! He was a whopping 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 inches long. Baby and Mommy are doing fine. After years of waiting, my big sister finally got her little guy! He is my 6th nephew and my parents 9th grandchild! We can't wait to see him in person!!!