Friday, June 30, 2006

Catching up

We finally have the internet and I have lots of pictures I want to share. moving in Charlotte's room before

Charlotte's room in progress... I will have an after picture in a couple days when her room is all clean and pretty.
Charlotte is showing off doing her new trick-sitting up by herself! She is quite good at it now and has also started to do this cute little army crawl where she lays on her belly and leans to one side and pushes with the leg on the opposite side to get whatever she desires on the floor ahead of her.
Tucker has begun drawing people. These people always have boy hair and usually have arms and legs sprouting from the head in a potato head fashion. After I took this picture he added a nose and eyebrows.
This is Trent and I at PF Chang's on my birthday. Trent wears collared shirts and khakis or slacks to work now. He looks so handsome. I love seeing him in his new work clothes instead of greasy pants and a shirt with his name above the breast pocket. His hands are no longer black and he actually wears his wedding ring for the first time in our marriage.
This is how long my hair was last week. If you read Abbie's blog she talked about how she decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love. They make wigs for cancer patients. You must have at least 10 inches to donate. Abbie asked me if I would like to donate my hair as well a while ago. After a little thought and a lot of wearing my hair in a ponytail and hating it, I decided I would. I am very glad and I love my haircut!
Here it is. The longest parts cut were almost 14 inches long! Wow!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Still Alive

It's true, I am still alive and very much without the internet. I am on Andrea's computer today and thought I would let everyone know a brief summary of what's been going on. Trent got here last Wedneday evening and we unloaded all our earthly belongings that night with the help of family men. I have grown to like my house so much now. I am not sure why I didn't like the first impression, but this house is really nice. The only thing I really miss is my big open kitchen. Almost every single girl that I know here is pregnant; Abbie, Andrea, Lindy, and Raan. And no it doesn't make me want to get pregnant. I am still in the process of emptying boxes and sorting thru crap. I have lots of pictures that I want to post, but can't right now. My birthday was yesterday, I am now 25 years old. Thank you to everyone who called emailed and posted birthday wishes on myspace! My best present was a date with my husband without kids thanks to my folks in law. I also got some much needed clothing at Target. All is well, we are happy and very warm(quite the understatement). I almost forgot about butt sweat-gross! Anyway, I will try to get on here more often and we should have our internet set up in a couple wells. Love to all.
Robin and company

Monday, June 12, 2006

A Half Life

This is still feeling much like a vacation. No husband, no car, very few of our things, and no sense of permanance for me or the kids right now. I am happy to be here spending time with my family but am starting to miss Trent very much now. I am feeling guilty that I am not there to help even though I don't know how much help I would really be. Trent does not show signs of stress often, but I can hear it in his voice and it is a helpless feeling to be far away from him.
I went and looked at our new house on Saturday. I don't love it and I'm glad we are only renting. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to have a nice new house to stay in. It seems to be a nice area. The cons are: It is pretty far east, I don't love the way it is set up, and the kids rooms seem tiny. I guess I had gotten pretty attached to my house and I will miss it. This new house does have a great master bathroom and walk in closet and is pretty close to Trent's parents and very close to his brother and his wife. They will be fun to hang out with and have BBQ's. I think I will like it much better once I see all of our stuff in it and can feel more at home. It will be nice to have lots of time to shop for a home we will really love and want to settle down in for a long time.
Some other things I wanted to mention. I heard a "heat advisory" from 10 am to 8pm for the next two days will be 112 degrees. Tucker thinks he wants to go outside all day until he goes out and after 5 minutes is ready to come back in. He is really loving spending time with my baby sister Claire (age 7), his grandparents, and "those 2 Chandlers" which is actually his cousins Chandler and Jackson. Charlotte is getting lots of attention and kisses and is showing off in all her cuteness.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Single in a not so strange land

We flew in to Phoenix yesterday at 2 pm. Tucker and Charlotte did pretty well on the flight and we sat by someone who knows my family and helped out. My arms are really sore today because I was carrying Charlotte inside of her carseat which was clipped into it's base in one arm and Tuckers carseat in the other while wearing Tucker's Dash backpack and my carrying my hobo bag purse. All the while Trent was pushing Tucker in an umbrella stroller and carrying 2 very large duffel bags stuffed full. Once we checked the carseats and bags I put Charlotte in my baby bjorn carrier(which I was wearing empty until this point) and Trent continued to push Tucker right through the huge line until the security gate. They closed the line directly behind me for my lane which meant I wasn't slowing anyone down while it took me forever to have everything scanned and get my children back into their respective holding devices. We didn't have to wait long and thank goodness for preboarding. Anyway, Trent's mom picked us up right outside the security point in phoenix and had a guy with a cart help us with all our crap. We went to Wes' Auto (Az) and saw Trent's dad and brother Troy. Then went to his mom's house to relax a bit and hang with my sister in law Andrea. Blake came over and we had pizza for the 3rd time this week. I met with our landlord to give him a check and get our house keys. By this time the kids were exhausted and so was I. We went and visited my family for a little bit, Abbie came over and then got her husband and sister to meet me at my grandmas to unload our stuff. Her husband is so great with kids, I was amazed that he took Charlotte off and got her to sleep and laid her down, if only he could show Trent how now. We have spent all day today with my family and I am debating if I have enough energy to hang out with the Powell clan in Queen Creek tonight. Well, it only feels like vacation right now. I still haven't gotten over to see our house yet, I have no husband, no car and none of my stuff except what fit in our bags, so you could say it's still not real. It is 103' or so today, we haven't been out much. Well that's about it for now. I will keep you all updated.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

1 Week Left!

I am leaving one week from today! HOLY CRAP! I have so much to do and so little time. Yesterday I spent some time at Tori's house, the boys played in the yard and we sat there with our cute babies and talked. It was really weird when I went to leave and realized that we would probably only communicate through email and blogging from now on. We didn't get to hang out much before, but the fact that it's no longer an option made me really sad. She left for Texas this morning, so I guess that's goodbye. I know that it's going to be even harder to say goodbye to Michelle and Gina. Not that we'll never see eachother again, and I am happy to be moving, but you know how it goes. Plus, I'm a real baby.
I will have to pawn these kids off for a few hours or pack at nights if I am going to get this done. Trent is going to stay until the 14th, he has to finish his home addition and the rock and stucco on our house. I was stressing out about driving with the kids while hauling a big trailer, to which Trent kept replying "We'll be fine." It was absolutely driving me nuts that he didn't care or understand that I was really not comfortable with doing that, no matter how many breaks we took or if we stopped overnight. I am an average driver and have never pulled a trailer. Plus I knew Charlotte would not be happy in her carseat, hungry or not. So after talking to my mom, my parents made a very generous and wonderful proposal that saved my sanity. They are flying me and the kids down on June 8- I can have a few days to get the house key and make sure the utilities are set up. Then my dad is flying up on the 13th do the driving. Honestly, a lifesaving deed! I feel the weight of the world is off my shoulders and now I can focus on packing and cleaning the house.