Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feeding Frenzy

Now for the report on Henry's progress with formula.
Here is the email I sent my SIL yesterday on the subject.

Henry pretty much survived the weekend by eating tons of baby food and only taking sips of formula here and there. Yesterday(Monday) he was fussy and mad all day. It was hard to come home to a baby that was mad at me. I pumped a few times while I was away, but without him eating at all my milk is pretty much gone. I tried to breastfeed some yesterday and there wasn’t much left. So this morning I have not offered him anything but formula. He hasn’t really gotten the hang of the sippy, but he got a couple ounces down and I am not going to give him baby food until this afternoon. I’ve got to keep this up now. I was just sobbing this morning because I felt so sad that I couldn’t feed my own baby and he was so upset and wanted to eat. Trent
convinced me not to just resort to solids, because then he’ll never get the hang of formula. I know he needs it because he didn’t have very wet diapers yesterday ( although he did manage to pee on MY pants once) and I just know the solids don’t have all the nutrients he needs. So it is still a work in progress, but with my milk gone now it is really my only option.

So then last night I had a little of milk to breastfeed him right before bed and a little for his 5 o'clock feeding this morning- although that was painful. Then he slept until 7 and it is as if a miracle occured overnight. Yesterday (Tuesday) I was successful at getting him to take a couple of ounces two or three times from a sippy. Which made me quite hopeful. Then today when he woke up he chugged 4 ounces without hesitation! I let him snack on some toast after that but still didn''t feed him any baby food. Now a few minutes ago I could tell he was almost ready for a nap so I made him 6 more ounces and he just corked it all! I am so ecstatic right now I could jump for joy! What a blessing. Who knew that my milk drying out would be just the thing I needed? Now he has been using the nuby sippies with the soft spouts, but I think he actually needs a bottle, because he is just chewing to get the milk out and not sucking. All the nipples I have are newborn ones, so I am heading out today to buy a faster flow nipple. Any favorites or suggestions?

Sunday in Seattle

We slept in clear until 8 o'clock. My body wouldn't allow any longer. It was wonderful to be in a quiet bed with just my husband and have a lazy morning! We finally got ready and went to pick Ted up from his apartment. We wanted a big, cheap breakfast and spent way too long trying to find a Denny's. We finally did and enjoyed the slowest service of all time. We headed into town and had a great time at the Seattle Aquarium. I was missing the kids there, knowing they would have loved every minute of it.

After that we headed to the Space Needle. There were more wonderful views to be enjoyed and it even rained lightly. I was wondering where that famous Seattle wetness was as we had enjoyed beautiful weather all weekend.

After that it was time to go home. Trent and I were on separate flights, but we arrived within half an hour of each other. Then it was off to pick up our slumbering babies.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend in Washington

Thursday afternoon Trent left for a 23 hour drive to Seattle with my brother Ted. Ted is going there to work for the summer.

Friday around 1pm I tearfully left all of my children at my mom's house and headed for the airport. Originally Henry was going to come with me, but my mom offered to keep him and try to teach him to take formula in my absence and I was very grateful. I was a little conflicted and felt a little guilty, but then decided that I really needed this.

Trent and Ted met me at the airport and Trent and I got a rental car for the weekend. Trent took me for fish and clam chowder on the Seattle shoreline and then drove me to Puyallup- one of the areas he served on his mission. We had a hard time finding a hotel and after driving around a lot we ended up at the Red Lyon in Tacoma. It was nice and had a great continental breakfast with fresh waffles.

Saturday we spent the whole day driving around to all of Trent's mission areas. It was really fun having him show me all the different places and tell me about different people. It was so beautiful everywhere we went. Heading toward Mt. Ranier the road was lined with huge evergreens that seemed to go on forever. In Old Tacoma I got to experience the "Tacoma Aroma" and enjoy the beautiful ocean views and hilly roads. Bremerton was even hillier. I've never been to San Francisco, but I imagine the amount of hills is similar. There was not a flat road in sight. From there we headed to Sequim. It was just a small town but outside of town were beautiful large homes facing the Strait of Juan de Fuca. When you looked out over the Strait you could see the mountains on the shore of Canada. I've never been that far north before. We ate there by the water at a place called The Three Crabs. Then we headed back south and went onto Bainbridge island. We took the ferry from there back across to Seattle. The ferry was really cool. It barely felt like you were moving even though we were moving pretty fast. The night time Seattle skyline was really beautiful.That night we stayed in the gorgeous Hyatt in Bellevue. We were in an executive suite on the 20th floor, it was fabulous!

I'll review our Sunday in my next post.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Four's a crowd

Well, I guess before I report on our Seattle trip I should talk about the other big thing we did last week. Thursday morning I had my ultrasound. (Thank you Mel for watching the kids!) I am 19 weeks along, due on September 22. Since this was a surprise pregnancy we decided to wait until our ultrasound to share the news. It was fun and exciting to not only share that we were pregnant, but also that we are having a GIRL!
I am very excited (now) and am ready to start looking at names and talking baby. It was good to wait and get used to the idea that I will have a 5 year old, a 2 1/2 year old, a 14 month old and a newborn at the end of September. I still sometimes get overwhelmed at the very thought.

Sleeping in Seattle

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Washington with my gorgeous husband without ANY CHILDREN! It was strange and delightful! I will write more very soon along with some of the way too many pictures we took.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The past few days

Friday I got my new glasses. It's great to be able to read street signs and house numbers while driving, especially in the dark.

Friday night we had Mel, Robby, and Gracie over. Mel treated us to yummy tacos and the kids ran around playing.

Gracie and Charlotte found spaces on either side of the T.V. just their size.

Saturday Trent and his brother Blake took an early morning hike up Superstition Mountain.

Monday we had this cute little girl come play with us for a little while.

This morning Tucker and Charlotte drew some "robots" to send to Uncle Mark on his mission.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Things are looking up

I am feeling really happy this morning. Yay!

It feels like I've been stuck in a string of bad days. Nothing major, no real problems. I just felt down. I was stuck in the monotony of motherhood and the stress of 3 needy small children. I know you know what I'm talking about even if you only have one. I've been feeling like crying and yelling each night by the time Trent got home from work. Yesterday I was emotionally spent from talking out (okay we emailed) some issues with Trent that were bothering me. I was glad to have my feelings out and feel understood when we were all done.

Well, last night was Bunko night. I won this darling prize- a necklace for Charlotte. The charm says drama queen. I love it. On top of that I got to talk to some of the funnest, cutest, coolest girls until 11 pm. Way past my usual bed time. ( I'm a loser.)

Henry had another good night, which means that I did too. I woke up warm and comfortable to the sounds of darling baby squeals. ( I didn't even mind that it was 6:15 am, I'm used to that now.) My wonderful husband took care of the big kids' milk, turned on cartoons, and took Henry out to socialize with the kids like he usually does. I was allowed a little more time in my warm bed enjoying the darling sounds. It felt so nice today. I allowed myself to enjoy it and not dread getting out of bed. I was happy to have Henry join me in bed for his "boo-boo milk", he was absolutely adorable and sweet.

Now I just hope I can keep up this positive outlook for the rest of the day. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Food Storage

On the subject of food storage I thought I would ask, what items do you consider staples in your food storage? We really need to get ours going and I don't know where to start. Not wheat. I would not know what to do with wheat. I'd love suggestions. What do you like to stock up on?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

7 random things

Laura tagged me to do the 7 random facts about myself meme. Here goes.

1. Some concerts I have been to include Silverchair, The Edge Damn Show, The Vans Warped Tour (those both were all day concerts with lots of different bands including MXPX, Cake, The GooGoo Dolls, etc. .), Homegrown, Bush, MXPX, Jimmy Eat World, Before Braille, and lots of local shows. I haven't been to a show in ages!

2. I have terrible stage fright. I like to sing. The only formal training I've had was a few weeks from Bryce's dad when I was in high school. I am very amateur, but just like singing. I can practice a song until I am very comfortable with it and then as soon as I get in front of any amount of people over 3 my voice becomes wobbly and I totally ruin it. I have a guitar that I want to learn how to play. Maybe if I was concentrating on playing I wouldn't be so worried about my singing. I don't know. Anyone want to teach me?

3. I like to try different things with my hair. (I scanned some pictures for you, but blogger won't download them.)-Thanks to Abbie I present with some of my many hairstyles. Click to enlarge

4. I just ordered new glasses for the first time in like 8 years.

5. The thing I hate most about myself: I am a yeller. It's a learned behavior that I am trying to unlearn.

6. I love to draw. It is really hard to find time to do any art nowadays, but I am trying to make more time for it. I also like to sew. This is something I barely know how to do and need to make time to practice too.

7. I love design shows. I love design magazines. I have a million ideas for how to decorate my home, but that would take time and money.

Anyone who hasn't already done this meme, I tag you. Please do it. I love reading these things.

The New Do

Thanks to Karen I have a brand new look.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The little guy

One of Henry's top teeth broke through a few days ago and the other one should be here very soon.
He discovered he loves avocado and is trying new things often.

Last night he slept almost ten hours consecutively! Hallelujah! And after I fed him he slept in until 8:30. It was a very exciting night for me.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Playgroup at the Park

A reason to get dressed on Monday.

A beautiful day.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Emily sent me this as an email.

What is your favorite cuisine?

Mexican, Italian, Chinese

What is your favorite dessert?

A really moist cake- I love the chocolate cake at Mimi’s café that they serve for birthdays

What is your favorite breakfast?

I like it all. I like my eggs over-easy. I love hashbrowns. I like fruit flavored syrup. I like sausage and bacon. I love chocolate milk. I love orange juice. So much to love.

Favorite lunch??

Probably fish tacos. I love Reuben sandwiches or a good French Dip. The Luau Salad from Cheesecake Factory or any mango chicken salad or the taco salads at Café Rio.

What is your favorite dinner?

Not sure. PFChangs honey crispy shrimp and Chang’s spicy Chicken are up there. I heart prime rib, steak, salmon, creamy pasta dishes. I love Papa Murphy’s Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza.

Comfort foods?

Cereal. Lasagne. Soup- I like Campbell’s tomato and my dad’s Pasoli

Other favorite foods unmentioned?

Mashed potatoes, breads, spinach artichoke dip, cheese, edamame, fuji apples, baked potatoes (loaded), and my brain can’t think of anything else right now.

Favorite spices?

None in particular.

Travel food experiences:

Haven’t done much traveling. Food from vendors on the beach in Rocky Point (last year had some great potato taquitos there)

Once in a lifetime food experiences:

Emily’s Dahl Bat. Ate it when pregnant. Discovered I don’t like curry. Puked on the way home.

Cooking fiasco story?

Dumping pasta while trying to drain it with a plate for a lid.

Most memorable meal you ever made?

My meals aren’t that memorable.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I feel like quitting

I am a total advocate of breastfeeding. I know it is not possible or practical for some people and I completely understand that. I do think that everyone should give it shot before discounting it, but hey, that's my opinion.
Anyhow, lately nursing has been so. . . unenjoyable. I think my milk supply isn't quite what it used to be, for starters. Henry will nurse anytime it is offered, he has never once turned me down, which makes me think he's not being fully satisfied. This makes me sad. He eats 2 jars of baby food a day and sometimes some baby cereal as well or some baby toast. I know he's not starving, but I wish I knew a magic trick to make him take formula. Even once a day would be a relief to me.
My b00bs hurt. Not only am I just sore from the amount of nursing, but Henry does some things that hurt too. He likes to pull away from my body while he nurses. Ouch. Why? He pushes his hands against me like he's pushing off, but stays latched on. Mean, huh? Then he also likes to pinch. Whatever arm of mine is supporting his head is being constantly pinched. No, not cute little soft love pinches. Hard, tiny little nails grabbing the smallest amount of skin as hard as possible pinches. I want to scream. Sometimes I do. I try to pin his arm in between my upper arm and torso, he escapes in seconds. His other hand is usually pretty harmlessly placed in my mouth for some reason. But on occasion he feels it needs to get in on the action and grabs my entire lower lip and yanks it as if trying to remove it from my face.
So there you have it. I am sick of nursing. I don't like it anymore. But can I stop? No. Maybe if my husband will actually take the kid for half a day so his only option is formula. Is that going to happen? In my dreams.

Doesn't he look so innocent?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Henry 8 months old

Well Little Darling,
You're eight months old now! Where did the last month go?

You are still doing much of the same, but continually improving. You are speed crawling everywhere and you chase me all over the house! It is so fun to watch you cruise. You play alone often, but love playing with your siblings too. You like to be held, especially when it seems that I need both hands. I am still trying to introduce you to formula. I just bought the soy kind since you are very milk sensitive. I think I am going to have to leave you for a few hours for you to take it seriously though. You hate bottles and I am hoping you will take it from a sippy. ( I am open to suggestions people.) My milk jugs need a break, they hurt. You are teething, your top gums have been swollen on and off for about two weeks now. This has also caused you to be getting up 3 times a night for "comfort". Well, I can only guess that that is why.

You pull yourself up to standing position on anything you can get your very little hands on. You are a little vacuum and put everything from the floor into your mouth. Tucker's job is to help me keep you from choking. You fall down more and have gotten a few bruises lately.

You are such a joy. I love the size you are right now! It is just perfect. You smile at me when I smile at you. You get upset when I am angry. You giggle when tickled and love your daddy's tickles the most. You still have that wonderful baby smell. Your skin is just right for kissing. We love you so much and I am so grateful to be blessed to be your mother.

All my squeezes,