Friday, April 23, 2010


So the camera turned up under one of the seats in my car. Right now I am feeling bloated and greasy from the 3 pieces of pizza I just downed. I know it's unacceptable and yet. . .At least I jogged 2 miles this morning right?Anyway at last night's "bunko" activity we fabric painted shirts. Mine didn't turn out perfect (I had a little seeping of paint) but I still loved how they turned out. when looking for something cool, fun, funky, retro that Tucker would like I stumbled across The Thundercats logo and knew it was perfect. I would have loved it even more just a little larger and with different colors, but the only solid color shirt I found in Tucker's size was brown. It was a hit and 2 other girls used it as well. It looked great in black and yellow. I love russian nesting dolls and was looking at some images of them when I stumbled across the images I used for Charlotte's shirt. I still need to make Paisley and Hanky something, but for now these are it.
Also found these cute pics of my kids watching their Aunt Karen blow bubbles
And did I mention the freaky barbie mask Charlotte printed off our computer?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

kickstart my brain please

I think I could use a swift kick to the noggin. I've misplaced my camera once again. I am always taking it from sticky little hands and putting it where they can't get it. And then I can't find it later! Aaah.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plate Wall

Here are some inspiration photos for the plate wall I want to do.

I have these giant "plant shelves" in our front room, kitchen, and family room. I know that I want to make a plate wall in the kitchen one. I just haven't made enough trips to the thrift stores. One day. Hopefully sooner than later. I like looking at china on craigslist too. So many pretty things.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Somebody had their first time-out today


It's beautiful. Even if it was impossible to keep the kids off it and now it's all bumpy.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I'm glad Charlotte has a cousin for a best friend! I was lucky enough to have 2!

Tucker, Baxter and the DS.

Henry posing for the camera.

Andrea (due in June) and sicky Weston. Puked all night :(

Whenever we get the urge to go camping, Trent and I usually go to these super nice cabins in Christopher Creek, that his boss kindly lets us use. Trent even gets work done while we are there. But this past weekend Trent's brother Blake invited us to go camping. Real camping with tents, and s'mores and everything. I was worried about how Paisley and Hank would sleep, and how we would all crowd in a tent together with Paisley's pack 'n play. It was actually perfect. It was very cold at night, but everyone in our family (besides me) seemed to sleep great. We had tons of fun riding quads, pushing dump trucks and hanging out around the fire!

Monday, April 05, 2010


I found my camera. Yes! It was in the back seat of the car sorta hidden. Anyway, now you can see pics of all the going-ons.
Charlotte, Abbie, Mel, Kim, moi, and CassiGirl's night at Liberty Market. Fun girls and delicious food! Not all the girls knew eachother, but it was still a blast. Only 4 of us hung out after dinner, but it was so fun talking we ended up standing around gabbing until 11pm in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble! You probably won't be surprised when I tell you that I lost my headband that night. It was the first time I wore it, so I was pretty bummed. I think my brain is malfunctioning lately!

Our church had a breakfast and Easter egg hunt the week before Easter which was great! Candy!Friends.Rainbow face.Angel face.Last Sunday we hung out with the B* family. Nana making Charlotte laugh. Charlotte has to be within arms reach of Nana the whole time we are there.Sarah and Henry are always so cute together.

Brother Mark and sister Karen looking foxy.

I'll have to post this weekends adventures tomorrow.


So I am losing everything! Trent changed out our computer but has not made time to set my Outlook up, so I haven't been able to get any email except my gmail. Then on Thursday we met up with Trent for lunch. I let Paisley hold my phone in the car to pacify her whining. It is now lost. Gone. Untraceable. I don't use my cell phone a ton, but it has still been a real pain to not have it. The main thing is that all my contacts are gone with it. Boo. And Trent doesn't seem in a hurry to replace it.

Friday night we went camping. Tucker was the Star student, which gives him the priveledge of having Baxter the class bear for a week. He is supposed to do fun things with Baxter and document it in writing and pictures. So we took him camping with us. We went with Blake, pregnant Andrea, Ashlyn and Weston. It was lovely and we had so much fun. The kids loved having us all squeezed into a tent together. I must admit, it went better than I thought. As we were getting ready to leave the campsite I was looking over the pictures we had taken on my camera as I was sitting in the car. On our way home, Tucker was worried that he had left Baxter. I was sure he had gotten packed up somewhere. As we were unpacking we couldn't find Baxter anywhere. Of course I would be the one to lose the class bear! I was sure I would spend a good amount of my Easter Sunday driving back to the campsite to search the bushes for the bear or have to ask Tucker's teacher where I could go to replace the bear. Luckily we decided to get Tucker's sleeping bag out and shake it loose (even though Trent thought he would've noticed a lump while putting it away). Thankfully Baxter was there! A huge relef. Now my other problem. I can't find my camera that I was so sure was in the front seat of the car!
I'm pretty sure the next thing I'm going to lose is my mind!