Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paisley is 4!

So I have been neglecting this blog as usual. Paisley turned 4 on September 19th. We first celebrated with my family with a Sunday dinner. We celebrated all the September birthdays which include my brothers Mark and Spencer, my sister Emily, and Paisley. We also said goodbye to my brother Ted who was leaving a couple days later for basic training for the United States Airforce. We are so proud of him! To celebrate I made some funny prints of the faces of those we were celebrating and we took some silly pictures.
 *Karen's birthday was late August so we included her face,but I ran out of cardstock before getting a picture of Emily printed :(
Mark and Charlotte as Mark

 I brought some other photo props just for fun.
Ted and his true love

On Paisley's actual birthday we had doughnuts and presents in the morning. Then lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Rubios. The next Sunday we celebrated with Trent's family.

This year Paisley has been loving barbies, mermaids, barbie mermaids, Tangled Rapunzel, and Barbie Rapunzel. She now has quite the array of barbies and mermaids. Paisley is my girlie girl. She only wants to wear dresses and skirts. And only certain ones. So many of Charlotte's perfectly good hand-me-downs are going to waste! I have finally convinced her to wear shorts under her dresses because her legs are usually in the air. She started a dance class that teaches ballet and hip hop and she loves it. She usually will not let me put her hair in any piggies or clips, but she will let me do piggies for ballet because it is in the rules. She sings to many songs on the radio and often requests me to turn the volume up. She is funny and bossy and plays well alone. She has a best friend Ella whom she loves which is fine by me because I happen to love her mother. She loves her nails painted but they never last long. She is a nail biter and picker. She loves "reading" books (looking at them in bed) and brushing or playing with long hair. She often tells me she is cute and that she has fat cheeks. She is so brave and daring. Oh, Paisley we love you so much! Please stop growing so quickly.