Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Yesterday the kids watched a Baby Einstein video while I cleaned the kitchen. Tucker scooted up next to Charlotte and slid his arm around her. Then they enjoyed some popcorn.

Also Lindy and her 3 girls came over for dinner and a visit. I hadn't seen Lindy for months while she's been in Washington, it was so fun to see her and chat. Since we had been shut inside all day avoiding the heat, Tucker and Charlotte were very excited to have some playmates as well.
Also last night Tucker told us he wants to be a Doctor!

Today our trip out of the house was for lunch with Grandpa. I enjoyed a tasty chocolate malt at Fuddruckers and the kids got the chicken and dip they love. (Charlotte will dip anything in ranch if given the opportunity.)

Other than that I am slowly packing and not doing much else.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Trent

Thursday we had a great time swimming and playing at Aunt Dusti's with her and her 3 boys, Aunt Andrea and Baby Ashlyn and Grandma Terrie. Charlotte and Tucker love the water!

That night I had dinner with Sarah, Abbie, and Lauren at Macaroni Grill. I wasn't all that impressed with the food, but the cake was great and the Happy Birthday song in Italian made for a good laugh. Thank you Sarah for dinner and Abbie for the cute yellow shirt!

Friday after getting ready and packing up the kids backpacks and Trent and my bag, we headed out. We dropped the kiddos off at my mom's and took off for "Weekend Freedom". We were cutting it close to get into a movie so we went thru the Chick Filet drive through before heading to see Evan Almighty. Now let me just say, sticking a bag of food into your purse to sneak into a theatre is one thing, but then adding 2 shakes in there is just silly. Somehow I managed not to spill all over the contents of my purse. The movie was pretty good, nothing fantastic. I'm glad we went to a matinee and it wasn't too crowded.
After the movie I made Trent take me to the IKEA store. We had never been to one, and I thought I'd like to check it out. We didn't get anything, but had fun and got lots of ideas. Then we headed to our hotel. The grounds were beautiful and it was just great to be alone with my hubby. We relaxed for a little bit and then headed around the corner to Pei Wei for dinner. yummy. I called my mom to see how the kids did and she assured me they were fine and asleep and I could go ahead and enjoy my night. We are old, boring and tired apparently because we ended up just hanging out in our room and going to bed pretty early. I turned 26. I have to say thanks for everyone who called and made me feel special! Lindy texted me a hilarious picture and Tori and Emily sent me an actual card in the mail! It's been a long time since I got mail. My brother Adam called while I was in the movie and I had of course not turned off my phone since I am not really accustomed to getting called on it. Crap. I really got to be the center of attention then.

We tried as hard as we could to sleep in and it was pretty unusual for us to stay in bed until 8. We headed to one of the hotel restaurants and enjoyed sticky bun french toast while we looked out over a lily pond and cute little ducks. Eating without kids is really enjoyable! We spent the rest of our time playing at the pools (thinking how much the kids would've liked it) and were just about the only adults going down the big twirly water slide. It was really great swimming with my husband and not having to worry about the kids, but it still felt weird. After check out we decided not to go back to the pool, but to go to a couple stores. I wanted to go see Spiderman 3, but the theatre we went to only had 2 showings and it wasn't close to time for one. We went and looked at the new Bass Pro Shop, which was okay, but it wore me out. I was tired and hungry. We had a tasty lunch at Rosa's and went straight to my mom's at about 3. I wish we had gone to another theatre and gone to a movie, cause we ended up hanging out at my mom's for a couple hours resting while the kids finished their naps and ran around some more.

Sunday after church we went to Trent's mom's to celebrate our birthdays. Andrea made me the tastiest lemon cake, since I requested it. I also brought some chocolate cupcakes in case some people wanted chocolate. We got spoiled with gift cards and lots of presents. It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guess what I get to do

I know I am going to have a great birthday this year. Thursday night is girl's night and dinner with the girls is just what I want. Then on Friday Trent is taking off work early, we are going to a matinee movie, in an actual theatre (gasp) and then going to check in here! My parents are taking the kids Friday and Saturday, Thank You! We haven't had a night away from the kids together since. . . well since they were born! It will be like a second honeymoon. Except for one night instead of five, and I'll be big and pregnant, and we won't get the runs from the mexican food. So, it will be nothing like that actually. All the same, I am excited! Can anyone say sleep in? I don't remember the last time that happened!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Daddy that I love

My Sweet Husband Trent the Daddy.
Trent is not what I would call the most sensitive of men, but it when it comes to his children he has a soft spot like no other. The first time I ever saw Trent get emotional (tear up) was when he expressed his gratitude that we were expecting our first child in testimony meeting.
One thing that has always attracted me to Trent is his rapport with children. Children love Trent and luckily for them he loves them too. Watching how Trent interacts with children and babies has always added to my undying attraction to him. Before we had our own children I had the pleasure of seeing how much fun he was with his and my neices and nephews. In both of our houses in Utah, where he was often working on cars out of our garage, a neighborhood kid took to him so well and made themselves his own little helper. He just didn't have the heart to turn them away when they were much less help than a hinderance.

When Tucker was born he was the shining definition of a proud father. He couldn't wait to show and teach him everything he knows.

Trent is a wonderful example to me of how we should be as parents. He is patient, gentle, kind, and sensible. He wants to give our children the world. He is so generous with them. He is playful and loves getting down and silly with them on the floor. He is Charlotte's everything, she can't hardly stand to let him out of her sight. When he is getting ready for work in the morning she insists on being as close to him as possible. He has to get ready with her in one arm for the most part and when he has to set her down she is following him like a little shadow.

Trent is such a hard worker and I know he will pass that on to our children. He is a wonderful provider and I know that as long as he is around I will never have to worry about all our needs being met.

I am so grateful for the wonderful fathers in my life.

I Love My Dad

Well, yesterday was Father's Day and I wanted to give a tribute to my wonderful father! My dad is awesome! He is the most wonderful example of Christlike love and living I could have! My dad is the kind of guy who would pull over and help if you're having car trouble. He would give a stranger the shirt off his back. My dad has taught me so much through the way he lives. My dad has always taken care of everyone around him and never asked for anything in return. I am so proud to have a Dad like him! My dad showed me what I wanted in a spouse. Strangely enough my husband even has some of the traits I never thought I wanted in a spouse, like wearing socks with sandals or being completely unable to listen while reading a newspaper. It is sort of endearing when I see bits of my dad in my own husband.

My dad is incredibly supportive. I loved seeing him in the stands at my track meets. I loved knowing that he was proud of me when I did something right.
My dad is so intelligent. He is good with numbers, he is an avid reader and knows tons about church history.

My dad is silly. He always brings a smile to my face. He likes to sing and I have always loved to sing along with him. I remember many Saturday chores being done while singing along with dad to the oldies. He cracks me up when he can sing his Westwood Warrior or BYU song with pride. My dad was very athletic and strong. I can attribute any of my athleticism to him. He is handsome! He has wonderful thick, dark hair. He loves when I rub my fingers through it.

He is a great Papa! He loves children (he did have 9 of them after all).

Dad, I love you! I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!

Some f my pictures are already packed up, so I regret not having more pictures of my cute young Dad, especially with his mustache.

Time for a new profile pic.

I was totally going to post a Father's Day post and got lazy. It will have to be a tad belated.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Our House

Well it's official. We are now under contract on our new house! We are due to close in 30 days. We love the floorplan. This is a 4 br/2ba house with 3 car garage (yay for Trent). It is about 2200 sf (buyer to verify). I am excited about our new house. Some things I am really looking forward to:
A big pantry
A large laundry room
New paint and flooring that Trent and Blake are going to do before we move in! ( I am dying to go to Home Depot and look at paint swatch thingys, wood flooring and new carpet.)
A seperate living room(to look pretty for guests) and family room ( kid friendly)
Lots of cupboards and a kitchen island
Quick access to the freeway since we are still further east than hoped for

2001-2250 Sq Ft
Full Bath Master BR
Separate Shower & Tub
Double Sinks
Tub with Jets
Master BR Walk-In Closet
Formal Dining Room
Eat-in Kitchen
Breakfast Room
Kitchen Island
Washer/Dryer Hook-up Only
Inside Laundry
Fix-Up (Needs Repair)
Family Room
3 Car Garage
RV Parking
RV Gate
Frame/Wood Construction
Painted Finish
Stucco Finish
All Tile Roof
Gas Heat
Ceiling Fan(s)

North/South Exposure

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I guess I do have something

Saturday Trent and Tucker went to the lake with his dad, 2 brothers and their wives and kids. There wasn't enough room for Charlotte and I and I wasn't sure if we would last 5 or 6 hours in the heat and sun anyway. Andrea posted some pictures and a little about it here. My really brilliant husband thought a good way to even out his farmer's tan would be to not wear sunblock! Hello! Well, he is paying for it with a terrible sunburn and I think he'll remember next time. They went out to the lake to test out Trent's dad's new air-chair.
Every second Wednesday in July all of my husband's family(parents, siblings and their children and usually both sets of grandparents) go to Lake Powell for 4-5 days. With it being so close to my due date(2 weeks before) I figured it was insane to go and that I would send Trent and Tucker and I would stay home with Charlotte. Keep in mind that I will probably be also in the middle of moving. However, now I am feeling like I would be missing so much and so would Charlotte and that I would feel bad if I just stay at home on my bum the whole time. What do you guys think? I will probably end up waiting to decide until the day before, I don't know what to do.
This is Daddy and Tucker on a boogie board behind the boat! What a big boy!

Tuesday the kids got to play at the mall play place. I always hate it because it is so stressful trying to make sure that the kids don't get run over by the stupid kids who are way too old to be in there. But the kids love it.

Here is Charlotte today in her sunglasses.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sorry for the slow week

My cousin Jill emailed this to me and I got a kick out of it. Since I have honestly nothing to post about, I thought I would share.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A good Friday

Well I needed to get out of the house and needed some shirts too. So where else would I go, but ROSS. Although the kids fought and cried and kicked and whined pretty much the whole time, it was all worth it. Where else can I get 4 shirts and 2 kid books all for forty-six dollars and forty cents?

Then that night Trent's parents came over and watched the kids while we went out to dinner with Trent's brother Blake and his wife Andrea and their adorable six month old Ashlyn. It was so great to go on a double date with only a fetus in tow- he didn't cause much trouble (unless you count the heart burn and leg cramps, but those didn't come until the middle of the night). Although Trent and Blake enjoy eachother's company so much that it was hard for us wives to get in on the conversation, we had a great time

Friday, June 08, 2007

Places to go, things to do?

That last post was just so I could hear how much my cute baby girl looks like me. After 4 years of hearing how much Tucker looks like his dad, I love hearing that Charlotte looks like me!
Well, not too much exciting new news. I have become even thriftier than ever lately. Not only will I not shop anywhere but WalMart because it is by far the cheapest, but lately I have been clipping coupons and price matching other stores weekly deals. All thanks to the Sunday paper.
After adding several names to my possible list of baby names I have gotten Trent to narrow it down so we are down to 2 of our original 3 which I am very happy about. This baby will be either Henry or Griffin and I love them both!
The search for the perfect house goes on. And on and on and on. Hopefully after this Saturday we will have a decision made. Everyone cross your fingers.
As summer is here and the heat is pretty much unbearable unless you are wet I would love some ideas for fun indoor activities for when we are not in the baby pool. My kids are pretty sick of coloring books.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Look Alike?

After Emily posted a spotlight on me, I got some comments that Charlotte looks just like me.
Does anyone else see a resemblance?

Charlotte- age 15 months

Robin- age 16 months

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

17 months

Charlotte is always learning new things and growing so fast! She is sprouting new teeth constantly. It's been one molar after another. She says "Cheese"(or something close to it) for the camera now. She tries to say backpack. She is getting close to saying all kinds of things, I can tell it won't be too long now before the verbal explosion. She is wild and loves playing rough with Daddy. She wouldn't dream of being left out from anything that Tucker does. She often goes into a room by herself and shuts the door only to emerge a few minutes later smelling suspicious (poopy)and often brings a clean diaper out with her and hands it to me. I think she is ready to start potty training, but I am not sure how smoothly that will go with the big changes of a move and a new baby on the horizon. She is down to one nap a day now. She loves to make animal sounds and to be read to. She likes to walk around in big people shoes. She likes to dip her food. Hot dogs, chicken, fries. She learned how to get out of her crib about 2 weeks ago, but after one falling incident she hasn't tried to since that first day. She drinks milk from her cereal bowl. If you tell her she looks pretty she will automatically touch her hair. She jabbers and sings. She loves bath time with Tucker. When she is hurt she goes to her Dad first. She loves to blow raspberries on exposed skin. She likes water and playing on the trampoline. She is a beautiful, smart, little angel. She gets very concerned when people are sad, she likes to kiss them or hug them better. Especially Tucker. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I am so grateful for my perfect children.

Other tidbits.
We had stake conference this past Sunday. Elder Flukinger and Elder Jensen of the Quorum of the Seventy spoke. I especially enjoyed Elder Jensen as a speaker. The choir sang beautifully and the congregation sang the loudest and most heartfelt of any I have heard. Tucker was a little disappointed that there was no primary and spent about 45 minutes of the meeting snoring on my lap. It was a wonderful Sunday.

Last night my mom gave Tucker a Batman mask. He put it on the second he woke up this morning.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Short Post

I should be getting ready for my Doctor's appointment, but I want to post real quick. Last night I dreamt it was the end of June and I had to be induced 4 weeks before my due date. It was freaky, they were worried about some condition my baby had. I realized I had no clean clothes for my baby to come home to and not even a crib. Anyway somehow that dream transitioned into me being on a life raft surrounded by scary sharks. I woke up with my mind filled with things I need to do and soon.

Goals for this week:
See a couple houses for a second time and about 4 new ones. Pick one. Make an offer. ( We still have had no response from the lender on the house we already put an offer on. I'm not sure if that's a blessing or not yet.)
Get Packing and house cleaning.

This month it would be nice to:
Buy a crib (even though we have a bassinet so a crib can probably wait a couple months).
Buy a dresser (probably more urgent than the crib).
Wash and organize all the baby boy clothes. Do I want to do this before we move?
Narrow down our list of names and get Trent to actually tell me what ones he really likes.
Pack, Pack, Pack.

This is only a start of the things I should be doing. Aaaah.