Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Picture wall-finally

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. It's a big wall so I figure I can keep adding around these. I want a P* for one of those empty frames.

Did I forget to mention

That Tucker has been riding a bike without training wheels for a couple of weeks now. He can't get enough. He likes jumping the "curves" (curbs) and even riding standing up.

Henry enjoyed talking to his new friend in the reflection of the window.

Paisley has been pulling herself up to stand next to anything she can reach for about two weeks as well. It still cracks me up to find her standing in her crib, thinking she's all big.

More costumes and more tricks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Every princess needs a buddy

I couldn't refuse when Charlotte and Henry each approached me with a princess dress in their hands to help them put on. At least Henry's is blue, right?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I miss nursing my baby.

*Feel free to skip this super long post about my breastfeeding .

My first two children, I chose to and was able to nurse for about 14 months each. I enjoyed it. It was a blessing. It came very easily to me and I had few problems. The engorgement with my first baby was very painful. I mean nothing could have prepared me for it. Luckily I had my mom there heating wet towels in the microwave for me and laying them across my chest. It only lasted a few days though and after that I had a wonderful experience with nursing ( okay, I also had one bout of mastitis which was no fun either). It was so handy and convenient and I was not one to be ashamed of nursing in public. That being the case I waited too long to introduce a bottle and never pushed the issue and then did feel a little tied down by nursing because none of my first three children ever took to a bottle. Since there was no neccesity for them to take one, I figured it was only months of their lives and mine and we weren't missing much by not having any bottles in the picture. It was especially handy when I never had to wean them from a bottle. They went straight from the breast to sippy cups. They never took pacifiers either, so it was one less thing to worry about as far as I was concerned.

With Henry (my third) I got pregnant when he was only 5 months old (woops). I sensed that my milk supply was low and tried a little harder to get him to supplement with bottles with no luck. When he was about 7 months old we had a check up and discovered that he hadn't gained any weight for a couple of months. We also found out that he had several allergies and was probably not absorbing the nutrients from my milk because I was eating all the things he was allergic to. At that time my mom kindly allowed me to go with Trent to Seattle for a weekend so that she could get Henry on a bottle. Even with me gone for 2 nights he never took to a bottle. My mom was giving him solids and sips of soy formula from a cup since he would have nothing to do with a bottle nipple. I came home and started trying soft top sippy cups (the nuby's). He finally realized that I wasn't offering him the breast anymore and took to the soy formula, but never would do a bottle. But I was still glad that I had gotten 7 good months of breastfeeding with him.

This time around with my little Paisley has been so different. I was able to breastfeed several times after she was first born. But after a few hours she had to be moved into the "special care" nursery. They would bring her in my room to feed, but I was still released a couple of days before her. I would drive back to the hospital for most of her feedings, but with 3 other kids I decided to stay home during the night and just leave my milk for her. So Paisley was able to drink from a bottle very early. Although she clearly preferred nursing, as did I. The nurses told me that when they would pull out the bottle, they could tell she was a nurser because she would root around on the bottle with her mouth all wide and she didn't like latching on to the small nipples. So when we got her home I didn't bottle feed her for weeks. But then I started having problems with bleeding nipples and all of that. I was pumping to let my nipples heal and feeding her my milk in bottles. I noticed my milk was not filling her up. I started supplementing. My nipples were feeling somewhat relieved and tried nursing again. It was never the same. I didn't have enough milk anymore. I tried herbal supplements to boost my supply. Paisley had an allergic reaction, getting red and blotchy. I tried pumping in between feedings. Nothing worked, my body was done. I had gotten about 3 months of nursing in, I had to accept that was all. It was hard. It is still hard. I hate reading the bold words on the formula cans Breastmilk is best for babies. I know that. It's best for me too. But it's just not happening anymore. I hate that I can't give her any more of what I used to call "comfort sucks" when she is upset. Sometimes I want so badly just to pull her to me and feed her the way I used to. But I can't. I am sure I miss it more than she does. I always thought it was so divine( I use that word because I think we are so perfectly designed by our Creator) that I could continue to provide for my baby everything she could ever need for 6 full months after she left the womb. I know it isn't for everyone, but I've always loved it. I will enjoy the fact that I can go out occasionally and let Trent put the baby to bed. I will enjoy the fact that I can feed my baby without leaving sacrament meeting. I know that my baby and I will be just as bonded as any other mother is to her breastfed child, but all the same I will miss it.

Monday, April 06, 2009

My first monster doll

I have enjoyed seeing the funny moster dolls such as these, this one, and these ugly dolls that are all over right now. I thought it looked simple enough that I could probably make my own. Then when Abbie made hers, I thought, okay I can do it! Here is my first attempt.

Recent Highlights

Last week Charlotte got to go bowling with her Grandma Terrie, Aunt Dusti and some of her cousins. Here she is all ready to go.

Tucker is doing wonderfully in school. He loves learning. This sign he made and taped to his bedroom door cracked me up.

Just in case you didn't get that, it says Dimand facktree (Diamond Factory).

Tucker started soccer season and he is doing great. He is not at all as timid as the last 2 seasons. Hooray! Here are his biggest fans (and of course the one taking the picture would be his #1 fan).

I never get pictures of Paisley in her flower clips I make her. So I finally remembered to. I can't make bows, but I'm pretty handy with a glue gun.

We had a great time celebrating my MIL's birthday yesterday. Paisley was showing off all her newest tricks. She is already crawling on her hands and knees (and only 6 months old! ) I'm impressed. She can also sit up all by herself from laying down and can remain sitting as long as she wants. She's mastered it so quickly! Wow, she is growing up so fast. What happened to my tiny baby?
She started doing this funny face after my flash kept going off.
Here she is with her cousin Weston who is just 6 weeks older than her.
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Chillin on the trampoline. Granma feeding Henry sips of water while he rests against Grandpa's legs, while Charlotte hugs Grandpa. Cute, right?