Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holy cow, this is my 401st post!

Sorry if anyone was disappointed by my lack of blogging lately. These 4 kids keep me pretty busy and at the end of the day my priority is to lie down.
Christmas week was busy and fun. The Saturday before we had a ward Christmas party with another Santa. Henry was not a fan.

Some last minute Christmas shopping and baking was done. Christmas Eve we dropped in on Trent's parents before heading to my parents where we ate soup and pork tacos and had the grand kids open all their presents from Nana and Papa and then all the siblings had a gift exchange. It was a good time and we came home to prepare for Santa.

Christmas morning Henry was first to wake up. We brought him in our bed where he happily "talked" and "sang" to us for a good few minutes before Charlie hopped in to the bed to join the fun. A few minutes later Tucker came in and announced that Santa had been here, he checked and there were presents.

Trent's parents came over to join us and brought cinnamon rolls and more gifts. Charlotte's favorite present were the princess dresses from Grandma.

After relaxing a little and picking up for a while we went to Bart and Dusti's for more food and hanging out. It was a long day, but very nice.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday Santa

We went to a block party in Trent's parent's ward. We enjoyed visiting Santa, decorating cookies, the bounce house, fry bread, hot dogs, popcorn, and hot chocolate.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have these wonderful alphabet cards that my cousin Abbie and my Aunt Susan got for me a LONG time ago. I have wanted to put them up in the boys room forever, but wasn't sure how I wanted to do it. So I sent my question in to Ohdeedoh for the faithful readers to answer what the best way to mount the cards would be. Most suggested the 3M command strips, but one suggested something so cheap and easy that I couldn't resist trying it.

What, you ask, was this wonderful suggestion- hot glue!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sniffy Face

Trent doesn't think that these photos can be fully enjoyed if you have never seen Henry do his sniffy face in person. However I think they are hilarious no matter what.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More from my wishlist

I think I want this rocking chair for the nursery.

This rug would look good in there too. It's from Urban Outfitters.

Favorite things 2

I'm loving this Vera Wang bedding from Kohl's.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Favorite things 1

Since I had such fun posting my Christmas list I will randomly post links to cute things that I like. For instance, the beautiful necklaces at this Etsy shop.

Catchin Up

We celebrated cousin Kolbe's birthday on the 16th and I left my camera there, so I haven't been updating. We had a great time at the party making gingerbread houses and Paisley had fun sporting one of the flower clips I made her.

The Monday after that I got to take Henry and Paisley together for their 15 month and 2 month well-checks and immunizations. What a joy that was.

That Thursday I was planning on going to my monthly Bunko night when my sister Karen informed me that the band Marcy Playground would be playing a free show in Scottsdale. I got Abbie to come with me and I had a great time. I haven't seen any bands play for way too long (Trent's not really a concert guy). I will have to get pictures from Karen's camera to share.

Then Friday Trent had a scout campout and he kindly took Tucker along.

Saturday my wonderful Ted and Lauren agreed to watch the kids so Trent and I could have a date. We went to Outback and Paisley came too. The lady next to us insisted on holding her before she left and pointed out to us that Paisley looks just like a Cupie Doll.

Then Thanksgiving morning we flew up to SLC to spend the weekend with many of Trent's extended family. It was a wonderful time in a beautiful setting.

Friday Trent and several of his siblings went skiing/snowboarding. Trent even decided to put Tucker in ski class for the day with his cousin Kyler! I wish I could have seen him!
Wes watched Henry and Charlotte for several hours so that Paisley and I could go shopping with the girls- I can't thank him enough!

Saturday I was getting sick. I got to see Emily and her beautiful baby Elora and I was so grateful they drove up to visit! In the meantime Daddy took Tucker and Charlotte on a little hike up to a waterfall with some of the other cousins. Charlotte was out cold by the time they got back and Trent had gotten a good workout. Then we flew out that evening and got to spend all day Sunday relaxing.