Monday, December 10, 2012

Chloe at 8 months

Chloe turned 8 months old November 30th, so another 10 days has already gone by since then. But I have to document all the darling stuff she is doing these days. Honestly, she is SO SUPER FUN right now! And funny too. She is crawling on her hands and knees like a big girl all the time now, no more with her belly on the ground. She is fast too, and can get anywhere in the house (including climbing into our shower, where I found her today after I answered the door for a minute)! She pulls herself up to a standing position constantly, on whatever she can use for leverage: a chair, the fridge, a toy, the tub, you name it.

She definitely makes herself heard these days. She squeals with delight, lets out a war cry when she's
got a nice grip on Charlotte or Paisley's hair, sings along with Tucker or the radio, laughs, and babbles, but rarely cries. Recently, we were all seated at the kitchen table having dinner and she was right along side in her high chair, someone said something funny and we all started to laugh. Right on cue, Chloe joined in the laughter.

 She is still very friendly to strangers and smiles for any kid she sees. Everyone tells me how pretty she is. Her hair hasn't grown much in length, but I feel the texture becoming more coarse. She loves being tossed in the air (usually by Daddy or Uncle Adam) and is our first baby that enjoyed that this young. She also loves being upside-down and will occasionally throw back her head to get there while facing me in my lap.

She pulls faces. While in Utah for Thanksgiving she entertained everyone by doing this funny frowny/bitter beer face and for several days would do it every time she saw the camera. She also does an adorable scrunched up face, sometimes it even includes sniffing noises. She is seriously a ham!

  She is still our little Chubby, although with all the crawling around she doesn't seem quite as roly, poly anymore. It is so bittersweet to see her growing so fast! What a blessing she is in our family. She brings out the best in each one of us and brightens each day exponetially. Chloe girl, we love you!


Emily said...

Man I love that baby!

stephanie said...

i love how you say that she brings out the best in everyone. that is so sweet! i'm so glad you didn't stop at 4. :)