Thursday, July 31, 2008

My boys on the coolest website

Check out Tucker and Henry's birthday shout-out on my favorite website Ohdeedoh! You will have to scroll down or click directly to this link.

And by golly those montages took me forever to make, so if you watched it would you leave a little comment for me? Please!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tucker is five!

So Tucker's birthday was on Monday, but I had to scan some pictures to get his montage done, so it took a little more time. This one is not quite as long as Henry's. The first song on it is one that I listened to a lot in the car on the way to work at The Brick Oven while I was pregnant with Tucker and always made me think of my new baby arriving.

I love you so much. I am so grateful that you came to our family and made me a mother! There is something so special about a first child and all the undivided time you get to spend together. You have always been a very special boy. You have always shown great intelligence and capacity for learning. You soak everything up. You have always spoken well, you are meticulous about pronunciation and even still repeat things quietly to yourself as if making sure everything is coming out just how you want it to. Some funny things you still say include "heart beep" instead of heart beat and "car on accident" instead of car accident. They make sense.
You are learning to read and write which is so fun and awesome to watch. You are a wonderful brother and a loving, concerned son. You always want Mommy to be happy. You make me smile with your keen observations and your clever deductions. I love watching your mind at work. You love clothes and pajamas and always like your hair to look "cute". You don't let me spike it anymore, but like to wear it "down". Tucker, my heart aches at the thought of long hours away from you as you start kindergarten in less than 2 weeks. You are my little buddy and I hope that I can always learn from you and be someone you can depend on and look to for help, guidance, caring and love. You are more than I could ever deserve, thank you for all that you are.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Henry is one!

If you've got ten minutes and you can't get enough of Henry this montage is for you. I used the song everyone uses and that I also used on Charlotte's, but it is just so appropriate. I love reflecting on the birth of my children on their birthdays. Henry's was very fast. We got to the hospital around 2:30 AM or something. He was born at 4:35AM. No time for such monkey business as pain relief. He was the natural birth I had been telling Trent that I would like to experience at least once. It was actually a pretty cool experience, other than the post delivery hemorrhaging.

Henry turned one yesterday.

Henry it is so hard to believe that you were born a whole year ago, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. On the other hand, it seems like you've always been a part of our family and it is hard to remember what life was like without you.
Henry, you are such a joy in our lives. You are so happy and easy going and independent. You smile at us so freely and laugh for Tucker and your Dad the most. I love that sound more than anything.
You are strong and hate being held still. You have places to go and things to do and stick in your mouth. You love small spaces like underneath tables or hiding out in the pantry. You love climbing, and can get on the couch by yourself sometimes now. You even back off of it without incidence most times. You are so quick! You are all over the place before I know where you've gone.
You make great sounds. You continue to say "uh-oh" at the right time always. You say mama and dada although just randomly and something like ball. You usually sleep well through the night, sometimes waking an hour before you really get up to have a bottle (actually a sippy, you never did take a bottle). We are finding new things to feed you although you pretty much stick to a few staples.
Henry, we are so blessed to have you in our lives and in our home. What an angel you are. We love you so much and can't wait to see what you'll do this year.
-Your doting mom

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


All of Trent's siblings and spouses (and us).

After my last post my sweet MIL and SIL sent me more Powell pictures, that even included me!
Henry gives "rhino loves" sometimes. He especially likes to give them to Tucker. He gets all smiley, comes in close like he's going to kiss, and then gives a head bonk. I love it!Here is Trent on the air-chair.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Powell Recap

Lake Powell was lots of fun and lots of work, as usual. The kids had a great time swimming, riding the boat,(where Charlotte took her naps) jumping on the trampoline, playing with cousins, and Henry enjoyed dipping all his food in sand before putting it in his mouth. Trent did excellent on the air-chair, landing several back flips! Tucker even tried out the knee board on his own. He didn't pull himself up onto his knees, so he said it was belly-boarding, but I was just surprised at how brave he was being out there on his own and hanging on for so long. It was basically impossible for me to get pictures of those activities since I was holding Henry at all times on the boat. Andrea got video of Trent, but we haven't uploaded it yet. And yes, I WAS there this year, I just happened to be the one to take all the pictures.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am not dead

So we're back from our annual Lake Powell trip. We had a great time and I'll do a post all about it once I get the pictures on my computer.

I have been a lame blogger. I didn't post about our fun Fourth of July at Bart and Dusti's house. I didn't do an 11 month letter for my Henry.

Henry learned to say uh-oh over a week ago and it is the greatest thing ever. I love to hear his little voice saying it whenever he drops something or falls down. Since we get such a kick out of it he will usually start clapping immediately after he says it since I do a lot of the time. He is walking everywhere with ease now and his thighs are more solid than ever. He is smiley and happy and his hair is getting so blonde, And long. For us. He had a bad allergic reaction last week and his poor eyelids were swollen for 24 hours ( I don't really feel like elaborating). I am struggling with ideas for a 1 year birthday treat for this guy. I don't think you can make a wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free cupcake. Maybe we'll settle for Soy ice cream (sounds good, right?) with a candle- I seriously don't know.

Other stuff. I still can't decide about the nursery. I like the idea of using reds and yellows and blues and greens, but Charlotte's room has a lot of brown and I don't think I want to use brown in the new nursery, so I didn't buy the set. I am going to shop around or look around for more ideas before I buy anything.

Names. Please give me some ideas! Our top two right now are Amelia and Leila. But I am not set on anything. I really loved Lucy, but when we remembered that Trent's brother has a dog by that name it sort of rained on that parade. So help me out and comment with a few suggestions.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Baby's nursery

When I saw this fabric
I wanted to use it somehow in the nursery for our new baby. However, I don't know if I'm up for making a bumper pad cover and crib skirt again, it was a lot of work! But I was thinking I could use those colors and use that fabric for accents around the room. But now I have also found this crib set at for a killer price and I am starting to reconsider the whole plan of the room. What do you think?

Funny Tucker

While looking out the window at a tree, "I think I'm allergic to that tree, cause when I look at it my eyes get itchy."

While wiggling around at the dinner table, "The Holy Ghost is controlling me."