Friday, June 27, 2008

The fun never ends

Tuesday night was a great time and tasty dinner at Benihana with my parents and our good friends Jimmy and Laura. It was both Trent's and my first time. At Benihana, that is.

Wednesday was Trent's actual birthday so we gave him a couple of small gifts and brought him 30 helium balloons to his office and took him to lunch at In 'N Out Burger. I think he enjoyed it, although eating with co-workers might have been more relaxing than eating with 3 small children.

Thursday Dusti came over with her 3 boys, handed me some unexpected birthday money and got me out the door. I had a wonderful 5 and 1/2 hours! I hit up Sears (where I had some store credit), Ross (where I had a return and found some cute maternity stuff), then met my great friend Lindy for lunch at Rumbi Grill where I ate every last bite of my huge salad.

After lunch I headed to Barnes and Noble where I had a gift certificate I had almost forgotten about in my wallet. I got a Jane Austen collection of 7 novels that I can't wait to get into. Then I headed to Marshall's where I found a few great things for the kids, some lip glosses I've been needing, and a couple cute items for the kitchen. What a joy it was to be able to look at whatever I wanted to without little people whining at me, making me take them in and out of the cart repeatedly, and complaining that they're bored and asking for toys and candy. It was truly a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday week

The beautiful tulips and irises that Trent sent me.

I turned 27 on Sunday and Trent turns 30 tomorrow. We celebrated with Trent's family on Sunday with dinner and presents and launching water balloons with a sling. Good times. I got the cutest bag from my Troy and Jennifer and other fun stuff from everyone (Sarah, Emily, my mom, Lindy, Jill, Abbie, Blake and Andrea, Trent's parents, Karen, and cards from Lauren, Nancy, and Gina- thank you so much everyone for making me feel loved!). My SIL Dusti is giving me my very own day out on Thursday. 6 hours to myself! I can't wait! I will be spending some of my birthday money from Trent for sure. Tonight we are going to Benihana ( a tepanyaki style restaurant) for dinner with some friends. So all in all things are looking pretty great.
Me with Dusti and Jen at Andrea's shower.Here is a hideous picture of me to entertain you all.

My motivation to blog or do anything besides rest is waning lately. Maybe it is the pregnancy or maybe i am just a bum. Anyway, I hope this year I will be my best self. A crazy 27 year old with 4 great kids and a fantastic husband who I find absolutely beautiful. I hope to improve as a mother and a friend and a wife. I plan to work on my spiritual and physical fitness. I hope to improve as a homemaker, and find joy in each day and not sweat the little stuff.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Corn dogs = sweaty?

The baby shower went really well last night. To see a full report go here.

I noticed something funny today.
Well, I am sweaty. That's not new. Add that I am pregnant, emotional, and living in the literal Valley of the Sun, well I just sweat a lot. Sorry, I know that's gross. Deodorant does virtually nothing for me. Someone suggested to me that I try the Mitchum brand. No, I wasn't sweating so badly that strangers were randomly offering me deodorant advise, it was someone that I was talking to about my gross sweatiness. Anyway, I didn't really notice or care that Mitchum was apparently men's deodorant because it is unscented. But today I noticed something on the lid that made me laugh. It says, "If your favorite vegetable is a corn dog, you're a Mitchum man."
Whaaa? I'm not sure what my preference for corn dogs or vegetables has to do with my brand of deodorant, but at least I was entertained.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Actual plans

Last week Trent was in Havasupai with the priests from our ward from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning. I am quite jealous and can't wait to go there one day. It is like the strangest oasis paradise in the middle of the desert. The pictures and videos Trent took of the beautiful waterfalls and of them cliff jumping right there in the waterfalls are amazing. With him gone I didn't get out much.

This week I actually have things to get ready for and to do. Yesterday I took the kids to my mom's and went to Hancock Fabric where I got some really great fabrics. The green floral one is for my kitchen valance and since the kitchen opens up into the family room I am going to use it for some accents in there as well. Then I went to the dollar store and found some cute little stuff. Haven't done that in a long time.

Thursday my SIL Dusti and I are hosting a baby shower for my other SIL Andrea at my house! I am excited about it, but I have a lot to do. Then on Friday morning I have the joy of my glucose test. Why do I hate getting my blood drawn so much?
Saturday is the primary talent show, wow stuff for me to do.

So those are my plans for this week, how about you?

Friday, June 13, 2008

My life right now

In pictures

We go in the pool. Every. Day.

And that's ALL I do pretty much.
Other things of note: Henry got his first major forehead bruise and he also learned to clap on Wednesday.

Friday, June 06, 2008

This week

This week we have been swimming 3 times in our backyard with Andrea and Ashlyn. She has a couple of cute photos of it on her blog. Last night we even grilled dinner afterward with our husbands, it was wonderful.

Other than that this week hasn't been terribly exciting. Henry had his appointment with the allergist who confirmed his allergy to eggs, wheat, milk, and added that he is also highly allergic to peanuts. They will recheck him in a year to see if he has outgrown any of his allergies.

Henry's walking improves every day. He has now gone over 25 consecutive steps!

I have managed to turn Charlotte's crib skirt into a valance, so we can still have it in her bedroom. It is one of the first things I ever made and I wanted her to be able to keep it. I will post a picture once it is hung.

Also this week I hung various bed linens over the kids windows because I thought I was going to die if I had to keep waking up at 5:30! This morning was much easier at 6:30.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Funny things my kids say and do

Everything Charlotte says lately just kills me!
It is mostly her voice and pronunciation that makes it so great, so this post won't really help you understand until I get some video.

Some of my favorites:
"Eeew, gross."

" I like it, I lick it, I bite it."

" I do my shirt by myself, I don't need help."

" I'm Daddy's pretty little girl."

"I'm not happy."

" Baby in my tummy, Mommy."

Yesterday Tucker told me, " Guess what Mom? People that are changing into 5 year olds help their Moms."

He has also taken to practicing sounding out words and trying to spell them himself with fantastic results. Here is just one example.
SBGEDE =spaghetti

Henry continues to practice walking, sometimes taking 6-8 steps at a time.

Oh May

I got to do a lot of fun things this May. I wanted to write down the things I did that I stupidly forgot to get pictures of.

A Diamondbacks game with Lindy. Just the 2 of us at the game in fantastic seats just a few rows behind home plate! Fantastic, even if our team did get their butts kicked.

Girl's night. Dessert with Andrea and Mel at the Cheesecake Factory. There was never a dull moment. Even though Mel and Andrea didn't know each other we had easy, fun conversation the whole time. I loved that night!

Had Jimmy, Laura, and their 2 handsome, funny boys over for dinner. We grilled chicken, steaks, and hot dogs. We also had pasta salad, potato salad, chips, and corn on the cob. I was stuffed. The kids played so well together and we adults had a great time too. We even watched Hitch and ate Rocky Road ice cream to finish the perfect get together!

May 31. 9:00 Temple session for Lindy's first time through. It was so emotional and wonderful to see her there. I love that feeling. We went to lunch at The Landmark Restaurant after, where Lindy and I met while we worked there.
I got home to Trent who was there with the kids and he had them fed, Charlotte in bed, and the kitchen was spotless! Go Trent! I spent the afternoon playing in the pool with the kids and Trent and it was just a really wonderful day. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday!