Thursday, April 12, 2007

so far this week

Not too much exciting to post about today. Tuesday we went to the family fun van again, which was great. THe weather was perfect and we got to see Raan and her cute kids. It ended around 11:30 and I had planned on going straight to Costco, but my cheap flip flop broke so that wasn't going to happen. We were close to Grandpa's work and decided to go say hi and see if he wanted to grab lunch with us. The kids were very excited to see Grandpa Wes and have him join us for lunch. Gimping around in one ugly flip flop for lunch wasn't as bad as trying to do it all around Costco. We all had a great time (and way too many breadsticks). After naps I put on some other shoes and we made our Costco trip with coupon book in hand, we got some great deals.

I have got to video tape Charlotte's new tricks as nothing else could possibly do them justice. First off she imitates Tucker shooting webs like Spiderman. It is so cute how she twirls her little wrist and makes the shooting sounds! She also has begun flexing her muscles. She first did this on the way to my parents' house on Easter. I didn't really know what she was doing. She was making little fists and straining her face so hard while making this funny grunting noise. I was in hysterics! We finally figured out that she was imitating Tucker again. He always shows us his muscles after every time he eats a meal. It is fantastic. Last but not least Charlotte tries to imitate one more thing Tucker does. If Tucker is playing out back and has to potty, he goes to the perimeter of the yard which is lined with rocks and pees there. Well, sure enough after Tucker had finished his business the other day I saw Charlotte walk over to the spot, lift up her shirt and reach in between her legs. I was dying!

Also Tucker has been doing more of his fantastic drawings. Lately his favorites are "cities" which are tall buildings, "baby Tucker's", whales which always include a spout of water from their heads, and fish, sharks, and chickens.

"Baby Tucker" by big boy Tucker.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love Tucker's drawing :) It is so cute!

Tori :) said...

Tucker's gonna be an artist!!
Livie doesn't copy Taj a lot- she just teases him to no end. It's hilarious.
I remember Isabel trying to pee like a boy after seeing Alec and Tristan. It took forever to convince her she has to SIT on the toilet. :)

Unknown said...

Hey, maybe you could name your baby "Baby Tucker". You know, since it's a boy.

Gina said...

What funny kids! I LOVE IT!

Emily said...

Brandon and I are highly entertained by your children, even when we don't see them.