Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime, and the livin's easy

 The lunar eclipse.
 Makutu's Island (indoor playland) with cousins.

 Playing with Mom's phone

We've been enjoying a pretty laid back summer. Monday through Thursday mornings we have swim team practice for Tucker and Charlotte and lessons for Henry and Paisley. After that we usually swim in our own pool once or twice. There has been the rare day and Sundays where we don't swim, but usually that is our only plans. The kids aren't excited that they usually have to run errands with me now instead of missing out on them while they're at school. And I'm not especially thrilled about it either. I've continued my once a month girl's nights which are the best break for me where I get to laugh so hard and eat tasty food. Sonic happy hours are also our friend. Thursdays are the kids swim meets, I am so proud of the way they compete and enjoy it even though they don't get first place ribbons. They are both pretty strong swimmers and it is pretty cute to see them race! Here are some pictures from this summer. Since I got Instagram I have been taking a lot more photos on my phone, I just wish they were better quality.

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Emily said...

That bottom left pic of Chloe reminds me of a pic I have of Elora "talking" to me when she was two months old. LOVE it. Held a baby Chloe's age all thru R.S. today and pretended she was my niece in my head to make me feel better about not being in AZ right now.