Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to school

My kids are all growing up! This year Tucker is in 4th grade, Charlotte in 1st, and can you believe, Henry in Kindergarten! It is so nice that they have eachother, it makes it so much easier for me to let go when I know that they are all there together.

The first two days after picking Henry up he told me that he does not like school. I told him I know that it is long and I miss him, but he better start liking it because he will be there a lot. :) Friday after school he said it was awesome! He is very vague on his reasoning and won't share many details. So far he told me that his work is so easy, all he does is circle things and color things. He also said they talked about consequences, but that he already knew about that from church. And already two days in, a girl in his class kissed him on the arm, even though he tried not to let her! I am dying, this kid cracks me up.

Tucker and Charlotte already have friends and are making more. I look forward to more funny reports on what goes on!

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