Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birhtdays

Today is two of the cutest people's birthdays. Moqui is one! Ted is twenty! Time really flies. I hope they both have a wonderful day.
I have felt kinda tired and not like doing much the last few days. I still have much Christmas shopping to do. I barely managed to get the seen parts of my house clean this morning before book club met over here to discuss the book I never got to reading, which I still want to do.
I went with Karen to see Sarah last night. My mom and brother Adam were there. She looked exhausted and swollen, but fine. She was speaking well and knew what was going on. I think her recovery will be steady.
Charlotte has begun giving kisses, much to my delight! She has also learned to give "raspberries" (sticking her tongue out and blowing) on any exposed skin. It is quite adorable.
Tucker has been saying that Charlotte has pretty thumbs.
I'll get new pictures soon.


Busy Bee Lauren said...

hip hip hooray! for ted's 20th birthday!!! I bet charlotte blows the cutest rasberries!

Gina said...

Pretty thumbs? That is just priceless!!!! Hilarious!

Tori :) said...

Happy Birthday to all!!
I bet Tucker would say my thumbs are ugly. My nails are bumpy. :(
Glad to hear your sister is doing ok.