Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blah Blah

Saturday Tucker did awesome at his soccer game. No, he didn't score any goals or even touch the ball. However he played soccer! That was the awesome part. No pouting, crying, or whining. He played in his new cleats and new shin guards. He even got to play goalie for a little stretch. Nobody scored on him either (or even came close).

Our hot tub is now fixed. All of us but henry had a nice little soak Saturday night. It was fun.
Monday we had fun at playgroup and Jill and Jordyn even came over afterward.

Tuesday night Charlotte puked pretty much all night. Between her and Henry I maybe got 3 hours of sleep. So yesterday was a lot of resting and a few more vomit episodes. It seems like a lot of people have been sick lately. I am just sick of this stinkin' heat. 6 record highs in the last 2 weeks. I find it difficult to get in the holiday spirit this way.
Well Charlotte is feeling much better today. Tucker has school pictures. I can't wait to see how that turns out.


Anonymous said...

Puke SUCKS!!!!
Hope your day is going better, and we miss you! We just had YWiE and it went great...except that 1/2 the girls werent there...

Emily said...

Great pictures, as usual. Sorry about Charlie being sick. I didn't know you had a hot tub. I'm a little jealous.

Nancy Face said...

I'm sorry about the puke and no sleep! I'm glad she's feeling better and you're getting some rest!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Puke...oh the joys that await me when I am a mother.

How fun that you have a hot tub! That will come in handy when OR IF it gets cold around here. I am also having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit...even though my mom and I started listening to christmas music before Halloween haha!

Gina said...

Good job, Tucker! Way to play!!!

So sorry Charlotte has been ill. That makes for a crappy time for all of you. I hope nobody else gets it.

Sending Zzzz your way. Love you!