Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am not dead

So we're back from our annual Lake Powell trip. We had a great time and I'll do a post all about it once I get the pictures on my computer.

I have been a lame blogger. I didn't post about our fun Fourth of July at Bart and Dusti's house. I didn't do an 11 month letter for my Henry.

Henry learned to say uh-oh over a week ago and it is the greatest thing ever. I love to hear his little voice saying it whenever he drops something or falls down. Since we get such a kick out of it he will usually start clapping immediately after he says it since I do a lot of the time. He is walking everywhere with ease now and his thighs are more solid than ever. He is smiley and happy and his hair is getting so blonde, And long. For us. He had a bad allergic reaction last week and his poor eyelids were swollen for 24 hours ( I don't really feel like elaborating). I am struggling with ideas for a 1 year birthday treat for this guy. I don't think you can make a wheat-free, egg-free, dairy-free cupcake. Maybe we'll settle for Soy ice cream (sounds good, right?) with a candle- I seriously don't know.

Other stuff. I still can't decide about the nursery. I like the idea of using reds and yellows and blues and greens, but Charlotte's room has a lot of brown and I don't think I want to use brown in the new nursery, so I didn't buy the set. I am going to shop around or look around for more ideas before I buy anything.

Names. Please give me some ideas! Our top two right now are Amelia and Leila. But I am not set on anything. I really loved Lucy, but when we remembered that Trent's brother has a dog by that name it sort of rained on that parade. So help me out and comment with a few suggestions.


Unknown said...

Stick with Lucy. I love it, but can't use it with my last name. Don't steal Amelia! (although its not like i have dibs on it)

Nancy Face said...

I love when babies say "Uh-oh!"

Both of your name choices are beautiful and would sound great with your last name! :)

Tori :) said...

Amelia. I think that's so cute!! Do you not like Daphne anymore? I just remember that was an option when you were preggers with Charlotte.
Leila is super cute too! I love it!
I like Lucy too but I can understand the dog connection. Sei loves the name Max, but it made me think of a dog even though I loved Max too. I just knew 2 people with dogs named Max so it ruined it for me.
Super cute names!
I miss you.

Anonymous said...

you know my pick is amelia but i love leila too. and lucy is a great name!! no one will remember my baby's name is lucy as soon as your cutie arrives!!

Anonymous said...

I like Leila, Lucy a bit more but I'm sure whatever name you give her will suit her beautifully! I love you.

Gina said...

yeah, an ice cream cone with a candle sounds great to me!

Girl names... um... I like Leila a lot. I also like Collete but that is too close to Charlotte. What about Norma, Erma, Ethel, Pearl... ;)