Monday, September 08, 2008

A whole lot of nothing

That is what is going on around these parts. Last Thursday Henry got a terrible ear infection that actually perforated his ear drum. Now that it has been a few days of being medicated he is almost back to his normal happy self and is sleeping much better.
I have been very frustrated in my search for dressers. We need some badly, so if you know anyone in my area trying to get rid of or sell a decent one please let me know.

I am also trying to get things ready for the baby, but it just seems like nothing gets finished. I go to the doctor tomorrow, which is always nice to see how things are progressing. I am pretty uncomfortable now and I tend to snore in my third trimester pretty badly, so Trent has spent a couple of nights on the couch which makes me feel terrible.

Hopefully this week I will manage to be a bit more productive.


Emilee said...

Robin! I'm so excited you are so close to having your baby! Yipee!! I can't wait to see pictures and hope you have a lot of help with all you need. Wish I was there to help you myself!

Emily said...


daveandbri said...

Ahhh . . . .good old parenthood. It's so hard and so worth it. Can't wait for the new one to make her appearance!