Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Paisley 4 months

My chubby little Paisley,
I can't believe you are 4 months old. It seems that I was just barely feeling your first kicks inside of me. You are such a wonderful and happy little baby. You are just what a mother of four young children prays for. You eat well and sleep well and enjoy lying for periods of time looking up at your links. You roll easily from your tummy to back and you are so close to rolling from back to belly. You haven't quite given us a real belly laugh yet, just sporadic squeals that are almost a real laugh. Your hair curls right up after your bath. You haven't lost the hair on the top of your head like your other siblings did, just the rubbed off spot in the back. You have the large round face that cannot be resisted for kissing. You have the deepest neck rolls that have to be wiped often to keep milk from stinking in there. Your eyelashes that started out so thin and short have grown long and lovely. You charm everyone wherever you go and it is no surprise. You love your little bath. As soon as you touch the warm water you begin your powerful kicking that sends water splashing in large waves over the sides. You are adored by your siblings and you love them back with that wide grin. Your dad has taken to calling you his "little Pastry". A fitting nickname as we all love to nibble on you. I feel like you have completed our family and I am so excited to see the relationships with your siblings grow. I know you will do great things and continue to befriend all you meet. We love you and hope to soak up every little stage you enter.
Your doting mother


Caroline C. Bingham said...

She is beautiful!

Emily said...

That picture is fantastic. And I laughed aloud at Little Pastry. Oh, I miss her.