Friday, January 02, 2009

Trent: Super Husband

My husband has been so absolutely wonderful the past few days. Wednesday he took the 3 oldest kids with him to Christopher Creek for the day. It is pretty common for him to take Tucker along when he goes there for work. Sometimes Charlotte too. But I was so surprised and grateful when he took Henry as well, without me asking or anything. It was a wonderful day off for me to only have Paisley and myself to care for. He has also just been more thoughtful the last couple of days. He has been mindful of things that I need. Something as little as packing the travel swing in the car before we go to his mom's has made my life easier and made me feel so happy because he was thinking of me and how he could help. He has been doing the dishes in the mornings and helping with laundry, which is not entirely unusual. I am just feeling especially grateful for my sweet husband today, who at this moment is at the park with Tucker, Charlotte, and Henry, playing and launching the rocket he got for Christmas. What a lucky girl I am!

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Anonymous said...

he is a pretty great brother too!! :)