Monday, April 06, 2009

Recent Highlights

Last week Charlotte got to go bowling with her Grandma Terrie, Aunt Dusti and some of her cousins. Here she is all ready to go.

Tucker is doing wonderfully in school. He loves learning. This sign he made and taped to his bedroom door cracked me up.

Just in case you didn't get that, it says Dimand facktree (Diamond Factory).

Tucker started soccer season and he is doing great. He is not at all as timid as the last 2 seasons. Hooray! Here are his biggest fans (and of course the one taking the picture would be his #1 fan).

I never get pictures of Paisley in her flower clips I make her. So I finally remembered to. I can't make bows, but I'm pretty handy with a glue gun.

We had a great time celebrating my MIL's birthday yesterday. Paisley was showing off all her newest tricks. She is already crawling on her hands and knees (and only 6 months old! ) I'm impressed. She can also sit up all by herself from laying down and can remain sitting as long as she wants. She's mastered it so quickly! Wow, she is growing up so fast. What happened to my tiny baby?
She started doing this funny face after my flash kept going off.
Here she is with her cousin Weston who is just 6 weeks older than her.
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Chillin on the trampoline. Granma feeding Henry sips of water while he rests against Grandpa's legs, while Charlotte hugs Grandpa. Cute, right?


Bonnie said...

I really love the flower bows. I didn't realize that you make them...that is pretty cool.

emily and Nate said...

We just moved here to AZ not long ago and I wanted to get my son in soccer, he'll be 6 this month, i have searched the internet for youth leagues and have asked around but came up with nothing. Do you have any advice on where to look? my e-mail is esperanza51906@yahoo, it would also be fun to see you again and meet your little family sometime (:

Lisa said...

so fun!

Klin said...

Love it. I can't believe how big your kids are. They grow so fast.

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

i love the "dimand facktree". kids are the best. :)

Emily said...

Paisley's facial expressions are SO great!