Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chandler turned nine!

My nephew Chandler turned nine yesterday. Why does that seem SO big?! Well it was a good time hanging out at his house with family and eating cupcakes. Sadly he is not in ANY of the pictures I got. (The big boys were off doing their own thing while I was mostly hanging out with the littler kiddos.) I hope our kids always love having so many uncles, aunts, and cousins! Jackson about to flip!
Moqui and her Dad, aka Uncle Adam.

Tucker preparing to do a front flip.

Hanky, always the life of the party!

Aunt Sarah and her super-cool ice pack holder headband.


skinners said...

family is the greatest, isn't it? i've been thinking of you and yours.

Emily said...

So jealous I wasn't there! Trying to figure out a way to come out for a weekend in Spring...
Adam looks like a kid again with the beard gone. Love Sarah's icepack/headband:)

Emily said...

Those are some great photos. And why is Henry so dang cute?!