Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Too much fun and cuteness

Since last Wednesday my sister Emily and her kids Jonah and Elora have been staying with us and we've been having a ball. Saturday I took all the kids to a jedi training birthday party and immediately after Charlotte had a princess bday party. That night Trent and I had a double date. Sunday was Mark's homecoming talk and that night we had a big V-day dinner with the P* family. Here are a bunch of pics to document the last few days.

Couldn't let Elora leave without making her a pretty.
The headbands I made for Charlotte's friend Taylor's birthday gift. Oops, this headband was too small, gave it to Paisley instead.

Charlotte practicing her photog skills. She loves her new camera from Aunt Jen, but this one was with my camera.

Trent and I after our double date with Jimmy and Laura.

Padowan Paisley.

Jedi party.

Paisley finishing the cottage cheese straight from the carton.
Marky the return missionary and sister Emily.
Oh baby.

Cousin tea party.

Elora on the "jumpoline"

Charlotte rocking the foam curler look!


Klin said...

Love the fun you are having. Cousins make awe.some friends. You make awe.some headbands and apparently cute babies are genetic. Both you and Emily have adorable children.

Gina said...

What an awesome visit!

Love that trampoline shot with all of them! SO DARLING!

I like the last two of Charlie too! She is just gorgeous!

Emily said...

Joy. I miss you all already.