Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Charlotte is 5!

Charlotte's birthday is the day after Christmas. One of her favorite cousin Ashlyn's birthday is December 15 (a year later). This year we had a little party for both of them with Trent's family at the same time. It was fun to separate it from Christmas a little bit. So December 12th we celebrated with the P family.

Then on her actual birthday she had her gifts from us and brownies with candles. The next day I took her out to lunch and in the evening we saw Tangled with Andrea and Ashlyn! Not a bad birthday I would say.

Charlotte is getting so big. She says her F's correctly now which is great, but sometimes I miss the cute way she used to say them as a W. She loves to color and paint. She is sounding letters out as she see's them a little now. She loves her school. She likes dressing up and makeup and everything girly, and she also enjoys playing legos and star wars with her big brother. She is getting really good at riding her bike now. She is meek and sweet, she is good at sharing and loves her Grandma and her Nana. She loves snuggling and kissing and is more affectionate and clingy than the other kids. She can be shy at times. She is tender and sensitive. When I scold her she never talks back, but just nods. I love her and adore her. She is a sweet spirit in our home and a calming influence. I know that she will be a wonderful example of peace and kindness to all around her and we are so lucky to have her as ours!

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Klin said...

Mmmmm Hello Kitty cake looks yummy.

Those shopping carts are the bomb! No cheap plastic.

I seriously can't believe she is 5. I showed AJ a pic of Tucker on your blog the other day. He was blown away by how big he is. Your kiddos are growing up cute!