Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clothes for me

 For Christmas I said, "I need clothes, bad." I basically had very little that fit or was cute in my closet, I couldn't bare to get rid of all the crap because I knew I would have nothing left if I did. Anyway, I got $300 worth of visa gift cards! I have about $30 left, but this is what I got.

The lighting was bad, but the far left is a navy cardigan.
Target and Marshalls. Also got some work-out pants not pictured.

H&M (my first time)

Downeast Basics (40% off dress sale) Also got a black and a white undershirt not pictured, plus a necklace that I might exchange.

I feel pretty good about my finds. I still needs shoes and a couple pair of jeans, maybe a couple t-shirts. but I'm happy!

I checked out Anthropologie for the first time in person. Such great stuff. But my money would've only gotten me a total of about 3 items there.


Unknown said...

Yay for new clothes! I'm glad H&M was good to you. I've never been there with money to spend on myself before.

Klin said...

Woot woot! So fun to buy new clothes because everything you own is too big and worn out.

Emily said...

Lovin' a bunch of that stuff! Can't wait to see your trim self sportin' hot clothes again;)