Wednesday, March 02, 2011

lame update

So I have not been doing anything fun or exciting and I haven't pulled out my camera for over a week. I know it's been really lame. The weather has been gorgeous though, so I am making it a goal to get some pictures of my darling kids outside in the next couple of days.
I scored some really cute dresses at Ross the other day and that is about the most noteworthy thing I have to mention.
On the baby front- I still haven't made a decision. Babies are wonderful, there's no denying that. In some ways I just want to experience the wonder of pregnancy and delivery again and that amazing journey. Sometimes I just think that I know we have a loving, stable and happy environment to offer another baby. On the other hand I do feel like I am finally feeling some sense of normalcy and routine now that I don't have a really young baby anymore. I am getting comfortable in my body again. ( It's a good feeling to know I can fit in a size 8 and I am not squeezing myself in there.) It isn't a huge ordeal to leave the house and I am almost done with diapers around here. That is where my hesitation comes in. Then again, I think that is a phase I am willing to do again. Just once more. I guess we'll see. . .

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