Monday, March 21, 2011

Mexico - Day 1

Many people are nervous to travel to Mexico right now because of the drug problems and the travel advisories, but if you actually read the advisories there are specific areas mentioned, and let me tell you, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) is not one of them. I love Rocky Point and have been visiting there since I was a very little girl. Spring Break isn't the best time to go, but we steer clear of the drunk college kids. Some friends of ours were kind enough to invite us down to stay there with them for a few days over Spring Break. When we pulled up it was dark, but Henry said, "It looks better than Disneyland, cause there's lots of sand." Here are some pictures from our first day.

 A nasty half eaten sting ray that Trent found.

 I attempted to "skurf", but was unsuccessful. I am choosing not to share the picture of me flat on my rear.
We went to Pollo Papago for dinner that night. The owner Martin (Mar-teen) knows my Dad from all the years we've been going down and he recognized me as Stan's daughter right away. It was delicious as usual, I highly recommend it!


Denise said...

Looks like so much fun! Your babies are getting so big.

Emily said...

GREAT pictures, as usual. I love that Martin recognized you!