Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I love my girl friends!

Last night my friend Kathi took me out to get a pedicure with another friend Merrilee. Then we grabbed one more friend, Marianne, and headed to Joe's Farm Grill for dinner. I had been told that these sweet ladies whom I serve with in church just wanted to take me out for a little celebration. Originally I had told Kathi that I would like my other girlfriends to join us for dinner, so we could all celebrate dinner together. Strangely enough though, none of my friends seemed to be available that night. Earlier in the day I had told Kathi that I wasn't sure about the restaurant choice, and maybe we should go somewhere else. She seemed pretty cool with it. But I decided to take a look at their menu online and spotted several things that sounded really good, so I let her know, that would be fine. As we walked up to the restaurant there was a large party seated outside off to the right that was getting really loud. I looked over to see what all the fuss was about to see a bunch of my wonderful girlfriends sitting there shouting to surprise me. it was such a great surprise and completely unexpected. Being the big baby that I am I teared up immediately. I had such a great night spending time with some of my favorite people and I even received my first pair of TOMS. It was definitely a fabulous way to end my twenties!

My point and shoot camera sucks and the misters at the restaurant didn't help, so please excuse the terrible photos. and I don't really have an excuse for my face, but please excuse that too.

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