Monday, June 13, 2011

Today has been wonderful so far

I'm hoping the trip to Costco planned for this afternoon doesn't change all that. 

"Come take pictures of us Mom!"
 I love swimming with friends and having kids happy to have friends over too! Next time I need to have Stephanie and Abbie over!
Ella is just 3 days older than Paisley and they are so funny together!

Mel and Gracie
Kathi and Ella
 P.S. Did I mention that Charlotte got her ears pierced on Saturday? She was super brave, no tears, and now she loves looking fancy.


Tori said...

Ok, 1st... You look ridiculously gorgeous in the family pic up top.
2nd- I wish I lived near you again.

jckhadlocks said...

Thanks for the invite :)... :(

Megan said...

Your kids are some of the cutest kids!! And your photos are getting so good!

Emily said...

I love Paisley's suit.