Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 10

Childhood Memory
Every time we pull out the tubes at Lake Powell I am reminded of being 12 years old. We lived in Utah and one of my best friends was Downi. She had a big family like us. Sometimes they would invite me to the lake with them. We would pile into their 15 seater van and our anticipation would swell. We would pile on to two tubes behind the boat and battle. We would occasionally try to kick the other tube to knock each other off, but mostly we would just hang on for dear life as her dad whipped us around and around making giant waves to bounce us over. I remember my legs flying high above me as I squealed with delight.  
It is so fun now that I will get to watch my own kids being tossed all over the lake every year!

 Not to mention, my nieces and nephews :)

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gangos said...

woo........well seems to be great fun!!!!!Enjoy