Saturday, July 23, 2011

sorry, i'm just not that cool

Should I be worried that I can't finish a simple task like posting one photograph on my blog a day? I will continue until I finish all 30, but I guess just in my own time frame. I lost all motivation for blogging the last week. It comes and goes. I still have tons of fun pictures from Lake Powell to share, but I haven't been pulling my camera out every day lately.

Henry and Tucker both have birthdays next week. I have their gifts, but no idea how else we will celebrate. it is a big birthday for Tucker as he'll be 8 this year! More on that later.

I have a to do list a mile long it seems. Getting school clothes and supplies, prepping for birthdays, things to do in my house, get my cat spayed, pack up all the clothes that don't fit the kids anymore and pull out the hand me downs from the older kids, get back into an exercise routine, schedule dentist appointments, etc. ..

I'm hoping once school starts up next month that we'll all slip nicely into a routine and I'll be able to get things done. But who am I kidding?

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