Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paisley is 3!

It's hard to believe that my baby is 3. It doesn't seem like all that long ago I was meeting her for the first time. Man that first year was hard. Charlotte wasn't even 3 when she was born, so I had 3 kids under the age of three for a couple months! wow.

Paisley is our little blondie. She is spunky and funny. She can be shy and clingy. She loves her daddy. She seems to like me too. She has the cutest little voice. She loves to sing songs and look at books. She loves to play with her brother Henry. I get asked if they are twins sometimes. They are pretty close in size and less than 14 months apart, so it doesn't surprise me too much.

Paisley is pretty hard to get to take a nap these days, although she will doze off on a car ride. She takes forever to fall asleep at night even when she hasn't had a nap. She wiggles and squirms, puts her butt in the air, hops out of bed to grab a book or puzzle. We often find her asleep on the floor next to her bed with a toy in her hand or occasionally in the hall. This is in sharp contrast to Charlotte and Henry who fall asleep almost immediately.

Paisley is happy to play alone or with friends. She loves coloring (in coloring books or on any other surface within her reach). She is charming and strangers often tell me she is adorable. I can't argue. She has the best grin with these tiny teeth spaced perfectly apart. She still has large cheeks and a big round face and the tiniest hint of the fat roll line on her neck she had as a baby.

She loves me to put lipstick on her, but pulls out her pigtails in no time at all. She is a really happy girl and I wouldn't change a single thing about her.

We love you Paisley Jane!


stephanie said...

happy birthday, paisley! she really is adorable, robin.

Klin said...

What a cutie. Happy Birthday to your Paisley.

BrookiesCloset said...

It just makes you want to pinch those cute little cheeks! She is adorable!!