Thursday, February 09, 2012

Isn't it crazy how life goes on, no matter what else is happening, life doesn't slow down or stop for anything. I went to lunch today with my darling little brother Ted and my two youngest. Ted and his lovely wife are expecting their first baby! I am so excited that our babies won't be very far apart in age. I am quite fond of babies. . I am so excited to meet mine. I love the nighttime roudiness in my belly when I lie next to my husband in a quiet house, with my other 4 angels sleeping soundly. I love the occasional hiccups disturbing Baby's silence. I love how often Henry puts his face next to my belly to tell "Chubby" something. Usually he tells Chubby how cute or awesome he is. It is absolutely adorable and I am positive this baby is going to have a favorite brother immediately. Henry is so sweet and accommadating.
When we visit Sarah, each time she gets a glimpse of Henry she asks him for a kiss. And he complies every time (sometimes while rolling his eyes in my direction as if to ask how many more kisses he can possibly give). We went to see Sarah after lunch today. She changes a little every time I see her. She was pretty quiet today. It was very difficult to try to help her keep her head from turning so much to the right. I rubbed her neck and placed my hand on the right side of her head to try to help her position her head more naturally or comfortably, but it is like a rubberband waiting to snap back to the right. Mom said that Sarah was angry today because it was painful every time my mom had to move her to get up or go to the bathroom. It took Ted and I quite some effort to get her moved around, I don't know how my mom is doing it. I am glad Gabe is there to help, but I think it must be really emotionally draining for him and physically and emotionally exhausting for my mom.


Neff Family said...

Anytime you need to talk...or have someone rub your belly if Henry isn't around. I'm totally there. Always thinking about you! Kind of stalkerish, but mostly friendly =)

Elizabeth said...

Rambling is good for the soul :-)
I am so sorry that Sarah is in pain and that your Mum is having to do things no Mum should have to do.
I just realised you are having another Bubba ... Massive Congrats to you and your family.

McKenna said...

I stumbled on your blog randomly clicking "next blog," something I never really do. Yours is the first one that came up. My mom died last February of glioblastoma multiforme grade 4 brain cancer at the age of 48. I'm sorry that this is so hard. I remember that terrible moment when we got the "nothing we can anymore" call and signing the DNR and, finally, the moment she left this world forever. Robin, your family will be in my heart.