Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby, Come Out

Since Thursday, I have just been absolutely dying for this baby to come out. I have had some pretty good contractions here and there, which always start to get me excited and thinking, "This is it, I'll be in the hospital in a couple of hours." Then the darn things just stop on me. I am trying to stay moving to tell my body that I am ready, but my body is still holding off. Each day that passes I feel a little more discouraged. I know it is silly. I know that baby can't stay in there forever. I know it will be soon. But even though I know all that, I just want to meet my baby already! My body and my mind feel very tired. I am sore in all kinds of places and sleep is not the easiest these days. But more than being tired of being pregnant, I am just aching to hold my baby and see it's little face and hands and toes and smell it's skin and feel it breathe and all those amazing things that I have been looking forward to for these long months.


Neff Family said...

I agree! Baby come out! Maybe you should go and get a pre-natal massage at Massage Envy. It put me into labor ;)

Denise said...

I read you title wrong the first time. I read it "Baby came out" and I was so excited to find out if you had a girl or a boy =) We'll be waiting with you!