Friday, June 09, 2006

Single in a not so strange land

We flew in to Phoenix yesterday at 2 pm. Tucker and Charlotte did pretty well on the flight and we sat by someone who knows my family and helped out. My arms are really sore today because I was carrying Charlotte inside of her carseat which was clipped into it's base in one arm and Tuckers carseat in the other while wearing Tucker's Dash backpack and my carrying my hobo bag purse. All the while Trent was pushing Tucker in an umbrella stroller and carrying 2 very large duffel bags stuffed full. Once we checked the carseats and bags I put Charlotte in my baby bjorn carrier(which I was wearing empty until this point) and Trent continued to push Tucker right through the huge line until the security gate. They closed the line directly behind me for my lane which meant I wasn't slowing anyone down while it took me forever to have everything scanned and get my children back into their respective holding devices. We didn't have to wait long and thank goodness for preboarding. Anyway, Trent's mom picked us up right outside the security point in phoenix and had a guy with a cart help us with all our crap. We went to Wes' Auto (Az) and saw Trent's dad and brother Troy. Then went to his mom's house to relax a bit and hang with my sister in law Andrea. Blake came over and we had pizza for the 3rd time this week. I met with our landlord to give him a check and get our house keys. By this time the kids were exhausted and so was I. We went and visited my family for a little bit, Abbie came over and then got her husband and sister to meet me at my grandmas to unload our stuff. Her husband is so great with kids, I was amazed that he took Charlotte off and got her to sleep and laid her down, if only he could show Trent how now. We have spent all day today with my family and I am debating if I have enough energy to hang out with the Powell clan in Queen Creek tonight. Well, it only feels like vacation right now. I still haven't gotten over to see our house yet, I have no husband, no car and none of my stuff except what fit in our bags, so you could say it's still not real. It is 103' or so today, we haven't been out much. Well that's about it for now. I will keep you all updated.


Katie said...

I'm glad you got there safely and had a good trip. I hope your house is awesome! Are you guys thinking of buying again soon or have you gotten a long-term lease?

Gina said...

Glad the flight went as smoothly as possible. Thank goodness it's a short one. I dread my all day event to Indiana in July.

I miss you.

Tori :) said...

I'm glad it went smoothly. Miss ya already!! It's 100+ here(Texas) too & humid as hell- if hell is humid?!

Anonymous said...

I bet hell IS humid, a dry heat would be too easy.
Robin- good to have your blogs back. I missed them while you were busy packing and moving.