Friday, June 30, 2006

Catching up

We finally have the internet and I have lots of pictures I want to share. moving in Charlotte's room before

Charlotte's room in progress... I will have an after picture in a couple days when her room is all clean and pretty.
Charlotte is showing off doing her new trick-sitting up by herself! She is quite good at it now and has also started to do this cute little army crawl where she lays on her belly and leans to one side and pushes with the leg on the opposite side to get whatever she desires on the floor ahead of her.
Tucker has begun drawing people. These people always have boy hair and usually have arms and legs sprouting from the head in a potato head fashion. After I took this picture he added a nose and eyebrows.
This is Trent and I at PF Chang's on my birthday. Trent wears collared shirts and khakis or slacks to work now. He looks so handsome. I love seeing him in his new work clothes instead of greasy pants and a shirt with his name above the breast pocket. His hands are no longer black and he actually wears his wedding ring for the first time in our marriage.
This is how long my hair was last week. If you read Abbie's blog she talked about how she decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love. They make wigs for cancer patients. You must have at least 10 inches to donate. Abbie asked me if I would like to donate my hair as well a while ago. After a little thought and a lot of wearing my hair in a ponytail and hating it, I decided I would. I am very glad and I love my haircut!
Here it is. The longest parts cut were almost 14 inches long! Wow!


stephanie said...

your hair looks so cute! i loved it long, but it looks so great short, too! love the bangs. we should get together soon. once you are all settled, let's talk baby shower.

Emily said...

Lookin' hot, hot, HOT!

Anonymous said...

your hair looks AWESOME. so sassy. that's the kind of haircut that makes me want to cut mine.

Tori :) said...

LOVE your hair Robin!!! So cute!! I miss you.

Gina said...

Now I want to cut mine!

PS: It's hitting me (that you are gone) the past couple days... we need to talk and it is too late to call you... Whah!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know you were going to cut ur hair!!! It looks so good!!!!

Anonymous said...

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