Monday, August 28, 2006

Company Outing

Friday Trent got off work at noon! So did the rest of his work. This weekend they had a little company retreat. They got us a night at the Westin Resort in Scottsdale and everone came with their families so we could all meet and hang out. I was worried we would be the only ones with little kids, but Trent's company is all fairly young people with young families. We spent almost all our time at the kids pool and lazy river. The pool was large but only got to about 3 or 4 feet deep. Tucker had such a blast and Charlotte had a pretty good time. There was even one water slide. Tucker wasn't tall enough to go on it, but Friday night the lifeguard on watch let him go as long as I sent him down and Trent was there to catch him at the bottom. All the men from Trent's work were competing who could make it down the fastest. I did a couple runs too. It was a nice fun weekend and I am sure Tucker will be asking me to go to the lazy river for the rest of the year.
As usual Tucker surprised me with something he said yesterday and this time it was guilt free. I was telling him to hurry up so we could leave and he said,"Mom, we can't leave Dad here, otherwise he'll cry all day." Otherwise! I loved it. Also a few days ago we pulled up next to a school bus and he said, "Can I go on a school bus?" I told him "Yes, in only two more years." (which suddenly struck me as being very soon). Then he asked, "Can I take my carseat?"
How cute is that?


Tori :) said...

TOO cute- that's how cute!! Sounds like y'all had a good time. Look at you racing on the slides. You're funner than me!

Emily said...

Everything Tucker says cracks me up. I laugh outloud when I read your blogs. Thanks for brightening my days.