Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More kid stuff

Charlotte is always standing up to something these days. Not morally, literally. She can now even switch from coffee table to couch effortlessly. She also walks along the side of the table holding on or grabs something with both hands and balances with her chest against the table.

Tucker can wink. That's right, either eye, on demand. It's awesome! My new favorite thing he says is "just in case" he has no idea when or how to use it which makes it that much better. He also says, "I'm mad of you." and "Yes, I'n am" that's right I'n. He still hasn't quite grasped that "take care of you" doesn't mean to carry you. "Will you take care of me to bed?"Anything Tucker likes is cool, beautiful, and handsome. This includes books, food, and people. His cousin Chandler informed me on Thursday that Charlotte's ears taste like peaches. Tucker has been tasting them ever since.

Charlotte's hair is not very cooperative. I can only find headbands too big or too small. She absolutely will not let me tie ribbon around her head, it took many times of fighting for me to give up. Bows don't seem to stick. I've tried honey and elmer's glue with no luck. So she usually sports a mohawk. Ocassionally I will let her hair lay flat and even less often I will put a little gel in the front and do a little curl.

Mommy's hair. I got my hair cut to avoid wearing a ponytail. This particular day I tried doing my hair several ways. After failure after failure I forced it into a ponytail. I couldn't get a good shot of the ridiculously short poof of hair that shot out of the hairband. Pretty much not glamorous.
This is my Magoo. Fatty Magoo, Cutie Magoo, Nudie Magoo. . And these are the eyelashes that get comments from every single stranger we encounter anywhere. They're awesome. When I started blogging I didn't really think about weirdos that might see my beautiful children, but now I do. Since I already have used their first names should I continue to use them in my blogging or should I refer to them by nicknames-Toogies and Magoo? Any thoughts?


Gina said...

Hurry up! I am so excited to see you and your babies!

Tori :) said...

Wow!! Cute, cute pics!! Just kidding. Charlotte is doing so good!! Liv is crawling and pulls up on the 1st step. Then she isn't sure what to do. She just stands there and squeals. :)

stephanie said...

her eyelashes are so amazing! what a lucky girl. your kids are both so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. Great new hairdo.

I use my family's real names, just because the whole nickname thing gets tired after a while.

Gina said...

I agree that nicknames get tired for sure. Just don't use your last name and you'll be fine. Don't use our's either... Katie even asked me to refer to her and the kids as the T family.

Those kiddos get cuter by the day! LOVE EM!