Monday, February 25, 2008


Last week we had a lot of fun. Monday we had lunch with Papa at Souper Salad. Thursday we got to spend time with Aunt Emily and her darling one year old Jonah! We will be seeing them much more this week. Friday we had lunch with Grandpa at Fuddruckers. Tucker saw firemen there who gave him stickers and Henry really enjoyed himself going to town chewing a pickle!
I love Sundays. I love my kids in their Sunday clothes. Unfortunately you don't get the full effect here. Now that we have 8 am church we take Henry in his jammies and after we've had the sacrament we have a nice trip to the mother's room to feed him and change him into his fancy clothes.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful family memories.

Skye said...

I love Fudruckers! THey used to have one near us but it went out of business. And your family is getting so big; how do you do it with 3 kids?

Nancy Face said...

I love these pictures...Henry with Jonah, Henry with a pickle (UGH!), and the kids all dressed up! So cute! :)

Gina said...

How is it possible that your trio gets cuter each time I see another photo of them? That kind of cuteness could kill if one wasn't accustomed.

Thanks for your happy email. I am glad things are bright and happy your way.

Unknown said...

My kids love Souper Salad too! Did you know that on Sunday's all kids less than 4 yrs eat free; over 4 get $1 off? Sign up for their free Souper Fresh Club and they will email you $1 off coupons and specials for your birthday! Not a bad deal especially if your kiddos like it as much as mine :)

Happy Eating!