Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mel Saves the Day

Yesterday we had a nice morning. Jonah and Emily had spent the night and we got to play with them all morning. Henry and Jonah were trying to nap at the same time and managed to keep each other awake resulting in no morning nap for Henry and a short one for a tired Jonah. We finally all got ready and Emily headed for the park with all the kids but Henry. Henry and I went to grab lunch at Subway that we could eat at the park. By the time we ate Henry was so exhausted and Charlotte was acting very tired too. So, on with the story. I had a 2:00 appointment to go to. Emily had suggested she could take the 2 older kids with her back to my mom's where she thought Jonah would nap better. That was a great relief. But didn't work out. My mom called with the news of her and Karen being sick and not wanting to pass it on. Emily didn't want to stay fearing a repeat of the non- naps and having miserable babies. I couldn't reach a friend of mine in the ward to help with the kids and didn't know what to do. Trent said he may or may not be out of a meeting and would try to meet me there if I had no other option. At this point I was so frustrated and feeling upset and exhausted.( It didn't help when I found Charlotte still awake in her crib with her diaper pulled off.) Then I thought I would try calling Mel. She was AMAZING! She changed her plans, delivering her own furniture to someone that couldn't pick it up until 2, just so she could come help me. She drove here so I wouldn't have to wake my kids and when I came home she had done my dishes! I can't thank her enough. She was exactly what I needed and lifted my load and mood considerably. She is handling more than her share already and yet was able to serve me in a way that was SO needed. I was feeling alone and overwhelmed and she took that all away! I am so grateful for a selfless friend like Mel! She also go t a couple cute pictures of her little Gracie with Henry, click here to see.


stephanie said...

mel's the best!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

anytime! your kids are great and easy! :)

Nancy Face said...

That was so nice of her! :)