Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Henry crawls

If you listen you can hear Charlotte say, "Little Hanky crawling."
Later she was telling me that Henry has Rhino hair, aka a mohawk.


Anonymous said...

WOW, What a doll! It's so great that you are so committed to documenting these memories. Kudos sister!

Emily said...

Oooooh that was so adorable! It made me smile and giggle and coo outloud. He is so beautiful and his cheeks are all softy again. What a great crawler! Your kids are obsessed with rhino everything! See you tomorrow!!!

Gina said...

Tipsy! So dang cute! I love it! Thanks for posting it and the subtitles of what Charley said! So funny!

Thanks for chatting this morning... we both had whiney two year olds going at it... Such fun!